Friend of the Forum: Big Mick McCarthy

A very sad day.

He’ll probably take charge of another few games before he’s officially dispensed with though.

They want to have a new manager in place ahead of their EPL game with Newcastle towards the end of February.

Big Mick will bounce back, he always does.


Ah that’s just awful news.


he was poxed yesterday. All over Villa but couldnt score. Then Frimpong gets stretchered off, and Henry gets himself sent off, and ultimatley being up against Robbie Keane. Had no luck at all going for him.

I hope Wolves get relegated now :guns:


+1. I also hope they go bust.


:lol: :clap: A top top bloke

How many times is this he has failed at premier league management?

post reported

This is the greatest league in the world Chewy, not a junior soccer team in east Clare. It doesn’t matter if he’s sound, he has failed yet again at his job.

This is desperately sad news and I also hope Wolves now get relegated

he has kept a raggle taggle bunch of useless cunts in the premier league at his most recent attempt
last time i checked they were still there
not a failure

id like to add to the general feeling here that they now get relegated and then relegated again

thanks a fuckin million doyle you cunt-llok what you done now

He’s never managed in Italy, Runt. But I have no doubt that he has the tactical nous to do so, in fact his astute tactical skills go to waste in a prehistoric league like the EPL.

This is the same man who sent our best player home before the world cup in Korea because he couldn’t handle a few home truths.