Funny Videos Thread


I know one those three.

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Wasn’t sure where to put this

You didn’t think hard enough.

Hon Mulhall ya baysht.

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Any of ye ever get sent any of them “Simply Lovely” videos?

It’s a guy from the UK that makes them. They’re NSFW :joy:

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How would they be sent?

They get sent via WhatsApp to me by a few people. The videos get sent around but nobody knows the original source to get them.

If anyone wants em via WhatsApp drop me a PM :laughing:

I thought they were posted to you for a sec-- are we talking dirty movies here? With willies and diddies and stuff? … I can’t get the hang of that whatsapp thing at all or that viper - can you not throw them up here?


This isn’t one of the videos!

She had it coming to her in fairness


I’ll doubt I can post em here. They’re about 5 minutes each.

Bam. Bitch went down.

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Spolier that for ffs.

Were they supposed to kick it out? :sweat_smile:

Would they have been able to reach the sideline anyway?

Yer linesman didn’t seem to bothered either way.