Further Things That Are Wrong (Part 2)

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The amount of anti vaxx cunts trying to link Dillon Quirke’s death to the Covid vaccine on Twitter


Imagine being that pathetic that you feel like going online to start crowing about vaccine deaths. I saw one particular set when told he had a heart issue to give proof, yet the cunts were already on blaming the vaccine without a shred of proof. Absolute cunts the lot of them.


Irish Twitter mate.

Getting a gift of a bottle of wine from someone you did a turn for. A Lidl wine in a Jus de Vine (premium Fingal Riviera wine shop) gift bag.


Hey, they’re free thinkers who have done their own resertch like listening to Joe Rogan and are just asking questions the corrupt MSM won’t ask. The truth is out there!

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A cuntish trick. I’d ruminate for a day as to how I’d expose their meaness.

“That was a beautiful bottle of wine Constance ( sounds like a Constance ruse) I must get one in Jus de Vine when I’m passing it next….”

Constance quickly turns beetroot……


Channel 4 News covered this this evening. He seemed to be a wonderful man full of life. Went down to the local tube station on his mobility scooter to play the accordion every evening. Raised money for Ukraine. Had the yellow and blue colours on his scooter which I’d guess were originally meant as the Clare colours.

Grotesque as the attack on Salman Rushdie was, you can sort of rationalise it because a despotic leader uttered a hateful call to end his life and fanatics listen to despots.

The mentality to randomly stab an 87 year old man on a mobility scooter to death I cannot even comprehend. The sheer lack of humanity.


Passed the scene today, it was causing a massive tailback on the A40 with rubberneckers

That is as chilling a picture as I have ever seen.

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The stupid cunt has a fuckin mask and hasn’t the brains to pull it up over his face.I hope the cunt dies roaring.


Yeah you can see a little bit of blood there :pensive:

Looks very calculated especially with the gloves.

Obviously never reported missing.

Where were the schools, social service etc?

My first thoughts also. Which lead me then to wonder what ethnicity they were.


“They may have relatives that are still in the country” was a telling line

Video going around of this lads arrest and he wielding the knife at the police. Looks like an absolute cunt of a man.