Further Things That Are Wrong (Part 2)

Hours wasted. They really ahould have an area for hangers on

They had, a full theatre size TV with a load of soft couches for the Dads to watch the Euros. I fell asleep for 15 mins.


My last 2 work trips (Paris and Vienna) have necessitated trips to Sephora (she guilted me with her sore foot and getting teeth out before braces). God I hate those shops


We are so far behind in this country


His parents/ her grandparents in court to support him :face_vomiting:

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“On one occasion, his friend hid in the wardrobe and recorded some of the abuse on a phone, the court heard.”

i hope that weirdo fucker is before the courts as well

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How is anyone in a position to say the perpetrator “isn’t at risk of future offending”.
I would say they are most certainly at risk of future offending. In any case, I most certainly don’t think anyone could say he isn’t.

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from another article

“The judge noted a Probation Services report found O’Grady had demonstrated little insight or remorse.”

seems like the other paedos in arbour hill who refuse to do the TRAIL course as they dont see what they have done is wrong, and is indicative of recidivism when released.

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Adult men playing with Lego, not helping one of their kids, playing with it themselves

Spent the last few days at the funeral of a young man of 29 who I knew since he was a kid. Played ball with his dad and coached this lad, and with him. He got cancer and battled it for 6 years…he even made a comeback late last year and played 3 or 4 games of rugby at a decent level. But he faded and then faded fast. A horrible loss for all that knew him, and in my own selfish place a horrible loss for my young lad who was his biggest fan. He treated my son like a king and I am sure that in 20 years time he will be remembered by my lad as a massively positive influence…rip


Sorry for your loss @gilgamboa. Taken far too young. Way too young to imagine even getting sick like that at 23. The bed of heaven to him.


Life is very cruel at times. You will never find meaning when tragedy like this visits your door. Rip to your friend. He sounds like a great lad and has left a great legacy in his short time on this earth.


Sorry to hear that lad

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That’s terrible lad, condolences.

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I’m sorry for your loss Gil. Sounds like he was a great fella

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Toddler, 2, dies after shooting himself while left alone in a Walmart parking lot as his parents shopped for fireworks (msn.com)

That’s terrible sorry for your loss. Did he coach your son or how was he such an influence?

Fukkksaaaake :face_with_peeking_eye::face_with_peeking_eye::face_with_peeking_eye:

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Irish people who got to know immigrants house in a hotel in Clare being afraid to speak on radio about how good of people they are for fear of being targeted by anti immigration scum.


Websites that won’t let you copy text from.
Even TFK is at it now.

What’s going on @Rocko?