Further Things That Are Wrong (Part 2)

That’s where the parent comes in with a slap of reality… You snowflake.

What cunt doesn’t do Santa? Foreigners i bet?

Brazilian I think.

These foreigners are coming in groping our women, taking our student accommodation and now they’re stealing the magic of Christmas from our childer…

Multiculturalism doesn’t work.


All their presents come from the Amazon.


You’d want to be telling the child the day of their Holy Communion that the Santa thing is what it is. Otherwise you’re lying to the child and they’ll thank you in the future - as in there’s no magic money tree etc….

I thought I’d gotten a wheelbarrow one year and I barrelled up and down the yard on Christmas Day with the dogs as passengers - motor racing style…The following day Boxty Mór was cleaning out sheds with it and the dream died….


I’m genuinely upset by my lass’ Christmas wish list. Cheapest thing on it is an Apple watch. A tracksuit that looks like you’d get it for a tenner in a Latvian market a snip at £240.
Hoppy said he didn’t want anything until pressed when he said he’d like some big headphones as opposed to earbuds.


I’d a pal tell me last week how his mother in law who is Muslim told his 3 year old over the phone there was no Santa.

He was hopping mad and only biding his time when he’s asked by the child about Mohammed.


Maybe she doesn’t have the money

Or sick of unnecessary plastic objects cluttering up the house.

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Since when is it fashionable to show the World Cup groups points totals live. As in the current match Arg/Mex is showing two matches played each when clearly that isn’t the case. The second match is only in progress.

And what does MP mean. Does that signify we’re gone live?

It’s cruel……

A mate ripping off his mates.


I’ve got a brother in law that ripped off my Dad… I’m just biding my time


Don’t wait too long

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When you give these fackers enough rope…

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He’ll want new earbuds instead of big headphones next Christmas :+1:


With money or by riding his mate’s wife ?

This fella released after he drugged, raped, murdered and tried to taint Nicola Furlongs memory in court and referred to the whole incident as an “imbriglio”.

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What a cunt


Bad cunt. I’ve seen what he’s done on that family, I’d have the bastard hung.