Further Things That Are Wrong (Part 2)

1988 & 1990?

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May just start up a ‘memories of leaving cert’ thread :roll_eyes:

One of the young lads in One Direction is after getting a jaw implant and ruining his face.

His jaw was pointing one direction and now it’s pointing another!


We did Emma too.

The movie Clueless is an adaptation of Emma.

The poetry selection was really good. I think Dev and McQuaid chose the novels.

You had to do a novel

I dropped 2 of mine at Termonbaca Derry ( monks)
On out ta fuck,can’t handle ye feckers anymore!
Drove away from the monastery :face_with_peeking_eye:

But came back 10 minutes later,tears n snotters
By fuck they behaved that night
But the whures were back fighting again within 24 hour’s

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I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

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I know,but I did warn the devil’s :joy:

Cottage industry is right @flattythehurdler

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Fuck me…

Two dreadful needy fuckers with Manyoo connecting them.
The 1st effort snags a bugbear of mine - the differential between can and may……

Gramps, can I get a Magnum from the freezer - You can but you may not.

On top of these comes the off/from issue. “I got a shirt off Tom” - You did in your hole, you got it from him.


@Cheasty. The 3 post rule strikes again (maybe it’s 13, or a random number ceist pocks)

But the reality is, if you had the power, you would have sent Paddy and the other lad to jail, which highlights your lack of awareness of the concept of presumption of innocence. Because you had prejudged the case and couldn’t back down, your ego demanded that the jury be wrong and the lads should be in jail.

It was unanimous and the jury got it right, if there is reasonable doubt you don’t ruin a man’s life, regeardless of how much you hate these symbols for the right wing (and that’s the root of all your issues). As I said of course juries get things wrong, usually when they allow emotion drive their decision making. The lived experience of African Americans in LA which was amplfied by the racist cop on the stand meant they were reluctant to convict a black man, and the English public were frothing at the mouth to convict someone, anyone, for Birmingham. If the trial locations were reversed then it’s highly likely the opposite verdicts would be reached.

But you are making progress, I’ll grant you that. You now see some good in US foreign policy due to war in Europe and the need to be saved again by the yanks, and have even considered that the atom bombs dropped on Japan were perhaps justified. To think of the amount of time you spent condemning me for that view.


Paddy Jackson was 100% innocent.

I think Jackson did it having followed the case, I believe the complainant. I honestly don’t know why you have a problem with that view. The trial process and the justice system in general are far from infallible. People get away with crimes they have committed, either because a high bar of proof cannot be met, or a miscarriage of justice, or for other reasons, such as with Mason Greenwood. My view holds no particular weight but it looks clear enough to me what’s going on there. And the word “thug” is not one I’d have a problem with in his case.

I don’t know is there is any correct answer as regards the bomb, I suspect there isn’t. If you argue it was justified against Japan, you could equally argue it’s justified against Putin, at least morally. That Putin has nuclear weapons is only a strategy argument. In terms of evil he’s every bit as bad as the Japanese were. The threat of the bomb in the run up to February 24th last year would have been justified. Despots cannot be allowed rule the world and certainly cannot be allowed to waltz into a free, democratic European country like Hitler did and get away with it. If Putin does get away it, it’s lights out because will that will only be the start of the activities of a global despotic alliance.

The real problem will occur if Trump or De Santis get in as either will be a stooge for Russia. Trump is as obvious a Manchurian candidate as is possible and De Santis is jockeying to position himself for Russian support too. They are the very definition of the fecklessness, decadence and depravity that is destroying the west from within. Putin sees the defeat of Biden in 2024 as an out and it’s not a stupid bet on his part.

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I’d agree with your last paragraph that we are headed into very dangerous times, but not for your reasons. Why do you think there’s a shift in the US and Europe to the right? It’s a reaction to the batshit progressive policies being pursued. The threat to western society is not white supremacy. The US and NATO have fucked up massively with this war when China is the real threat and will gain whether Russia wins or loses. We are committing economic, political and military suicide. Its tempting to imagine the US prevailing, but when did the US last win a war? History since the 1950s is disaster after disaster, this unfortunatley could turn into the big one.

We should be focussed 100% on defeating China eeconomically, for all his flaws Trump understood that.

Irish footix looking down on mgf

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Is everything okay?

I agree. The complainant’s physical version of events never changed and never was disputed in terms of actual evidence.

The lads could not have been telling the truth as their statements contradicted each other.

In the end it came down to a call as to whether the sexual act witnessed and never disputed by the complainant was either consensual or not.

I believe that complainant as she had more credibility in terms of her version of events being truthful.