Further Things That Are Wrong


Anderson Cooper is a great man for using this term


Cora Staunton has written an auto biography


I see there is an interview with her in the indo about the going ons that led to the mayo ladies walkout. Still doesn’t justify their statements.

Cora Staunton: I was basically interviewed for my position on the Mayo team. It was disrespectful and disappointing


Seems someones gone to his safe place


What a fucking idiot. “disrespecting/ful”, a phrase beloved of gangbangers and the kind of inbred that needs the gaa for some kind of self validation. They wave it round like diplomatic immunity to excuse any and everything.


“We haven’t spoken,” was the first thing he said. Then, he went on to say, “The reality is the panel is open to anyone who wants to play for Mayo and she’s one of the best players in the country. We have an emphasis in place: it’s about the team. It’s not about individuals. Cora is a big name but if she comes in she’ll be coming in as a team player. Our forwards, at the moment, are shooting the lights out. If that continues, we’re quite happy with the forwards we have.”

Was he saying I wasn’t committed to Mayo? Was he saying I wasn’t a team player? Was he trying to send a message that he didn’t need me, or that he didn’t want me? I didn’t understand.

She’s a gee-bag.


Thats the impression I got.


It’s wimmins football lads. She’d be on the bench on a boys u14 team.


Who exactly wants that?





The fucking state of him.


Cisgender? Dafuq?

She should toddle off to the transgender games.


Big dirty bastard


In fairness. The one on the left looks like she has a bigger mickey than him.


I thought it was the one on the left initially.


They all have lovely… Mickeys :astonished:




@glasagusban was dead right, we need to take this womans children off her