GAA All Star Wars


Football All Star Nominations out first. O Donoghue a shoo in for Footballer of the Year

Aidan O Mahony on the half back line? Michael Murphy on the half forward line?


[SIZE=6][B]GAA GPA All-Stars 2014 Football Nominations[/B][/SIZE]
Tuesday, October 07, 2014
The GAA, GPA and Opel are delighted to confirm the 45 nominations for this year’s All-Star football awards.

Recently crowned All-Ireland champions Kerry lead the way with 11 nominations and are followed by beaten All-Ireland finalists Donegal who, along with Dublin, earn nine.

Connacht champions Mayo receive six and Monaghan’s season is acknowledged by the inclusion of four of their players on the short list of 45.

The inclusion of representatives from Armagh (two), Tipperary, Derry, Cork and Galway (all one each) mean no fewer than ten counties feature on this year’s nominations list.

In all 10 of the players who received awards last year are nominated.

The nominations and the short lists for the Young Player of the Year and Player of the Year are selected by GAA journalists.

The GPA membership will vote on the short lists for the two individual awards and all of the awards will be presented at the annual All-Stars banquet which takes place in the Convention Centre in Dublin on Friday October 24.

[U][B]2014 Nominations[/B][/U]

Paul Durcan (Donegal), Rory Beggan (Monaghan), Stephen Cluxton (Dublin).

[B]Full backs

Fionn Fitzgerald (Kerry), Keith Higgins (Mayo), Éamonn McGee (Donegal), Neil McGee (Donegal), Andy Mallon (Armagh), Rory O’Carroll (Dublin), Philip McMahon (Dublin), Paul Murphy (Kerry), Drew Wylie (Monaghan).

[B]Half backs[/B]

Aidan O’Mahony (Kerry), Peter Crowley (Kerry), James McCarthy (Dublin), Frank McGlynn (Donegal), Dessie Mone (Monaghan), Jonny Cooper (Dublin), Colin O’Riordan (Tipperary), Colm Boyle (Mayo), Lee Keegan (Mayo).


Neil Gallagher (Donegal), Michael Darragh Macauley (Dublin), Odhrán MacNiallais (Donegal), Anthony Maher (Kerry), David Moran (Kerry), Séamus O’Shea (Mayo).

[B]Half forwards[/B]

Johnny Buckley (Kerry), Diarmuid Connolly (Dublin), Paul Flynn (Dublin), Aidan O’Shea (Mayo), Ryan McHugh (Donegal), Michael Murphy (Donegal), Donnchadh Walsh (Kerry), Shane Walsh (Galway), Mark Lynch (Derry).

[B]Full forwards[/B]

Kieran Donaghy (Kerry), Paul Geaney (Kerry), Conor McManus (Monaghan), Cillian O’Connor (Mayo), James O’Donoghue (Kerry), Brian Hurley (Cork), Kevin McManamon (Dublin), Tony Kernan (Armagh), Paddy McBrearty (Donegal).

[U][B]Young Player of the Year Nominations[/B][/U]

Ryan McHugh (Donegal)
Shane Walsh (Galway)
Paddy McBrearty (Donegal)

[U][B]Player of the Year Nominations[/B][/U]

James O’Donoghue (Kerry)
Diarmuid Connolly (Dublin)
Neil McGee (Donegal)


Aidan O Mahony on the half back line? Michael Murphy on the half forward line?









Thought Dyas, Campbell and Corey would have been worth nominations at the least.


Two from a Dublin full back line that was rarely tested...joke shop..

Shane Walsh for one piece of skill..


You're leaving out Paul Flynn? Yea, right.


Walshe scored well all year long, he looks a smashing player.


Who would you leave out of the half forward line? Murphy was outstanding, McHugh MOTM in an All Ireland semi and Ulster final, Connolly nominated for player of the year. By far the most competitive line on the field.


The problem is Murphy being nominated on the half forward line. If he's at FF where he should be, the half forward line is Flynn Connolly McHugh. As it stands, McHugh loses out to Murphy. YPOTY will be offered as a peace offering. This will happen.


Murphy did play most of his football further out the field though, only spending spells in as a full forward.


McBrearty won't get one. Murphy will be in the full forward line ahead if him.

Flynn will be in the half forward line.

Durcan will get the goal, a single mistake all year won't cost him no matter how pivotal it was.

Kerry will, rightly ir wrongly get another in the full back line and half back line, most likely at the expense of one of the McGee's and Dessie Mone.


Why is Kerry's Paul Murphy in the full back line and Aidan O'Mahony in the half back line? Surely a mix up.

Can also understand Kerry being up in arms with Kelly not nominated for goalkeeper. Would have been my selection.


So that breaks down as 4 for All Ireland champions Kerry and 7 for the well beaten finalists Donegal.









And when they were, they capitulated


He does indeed, but i didnt thnik he did enough this year, what level did they really play against? he's the great white hope though.

Yeah that's my point, Wexford, Laois and Meath do not have the most potent of full forward lines..


5 forwards v 3 backs not really an even match.


If Paul Durcan gets an all star after what he did in the final its an absolute farce.


If it's one mistake and you're out, then nobody would be getting All Stars


One mistake that costs your team an All Ireland then you should be out.


Well if he hadn't saved from Connolly, they wouldn't have been in the final in the first place imo