GAA All Star Wars


I was under the impression twas the other way round :thinking: Is it not that one of the parents is from Corofin?
Edit. His father played midfield in the 98 club AI win


It’s clear, just not logical, the seethe.


You could be right.


It’s his football club. International ruies isn’t a sport either mind you


“Real” hurling men say the same about football


Edit: Weird belated hanging double post.


His father was outstanding that day. He was 39 and starred at midfield .


Walked down there for a look after work. The all star game is not for another few hours so I took a few pics and headed off.


Are you going back down for the game


Nah mate, going for a few drinks later. An exhibition hurling match wouldn’t interest any true hurling man.


Your a gas ticket


I know mate.


Huge crowd


There were a fair few watching the rugby alright.


James McCarthy won Leinster Footballer of the Year. I mean, sure, I guess. I cant even recall anything of note from their winning campaign in Leinster, which is depressing in itself.


Ah Jaysus boss, I’m a hardcore Limerick supporter and will always talk the team and players up. Peter Casey had quite a good year, especially considering he’s only 20 and put in a good performance against Kilkenny. He’s a really exciting prospect for us.

How can you possibly say though that he had a better year than Joe Canning??? Same probably goes for the players from the other counties you mentioned but I’ll just comment on the Limerick reference.

Think it’s a case of losing all logic to emphasise a point. Okay if you don’t think Joe warranted player of the year but please keep some sanity on the whole argument