GAA All Star Wars


Your dog is pissing at the wrong lambpost Sonny.

The stats are what they are - the results are in - suck it up my friend.

Joe Canning is the HOTY.


Thought, honestly, it was a gaa funded invite only free dinner for the involved players and ensembles. A way of rewarding them.
Silly me.


In any case, thus arguing is stupid. Joe canning is a worthy winner. There are several others who may have been equally deserving, but it’s fair enough. I doubt any of his team mates begrudge him (bearing in mind this is galway hurling we are talking about).
These things by and large go to the victor the spoils. I think it was well deserved, but can appreciate arguments for several of the galway lads, a couple of waterford lads, and paudie maher in particular.
Such is life.


In all honesty and with all due respect I think Galway would have won without any one of those lads, for the reasons outlined above, particularly against Tipp, they probably wouldn’t have won without Joe, it’s all whataboutery but he’s deservedly HOTY


Going by that logic Seamus Darby should of won footballer of the year in 1982.


No mate, I referenced an earlier post. I genuinely believe that only Tipp could have beaten Galway this year, I said that before a ball was played in the championship, they would have lost was it not for the magical 15 minutes Joe had, cometh the hour etc.
I wouldn’t take anything away from the other outstanding performers this year but I think Joe is a worthy if not unanimous choice, there’s been greater injustices and it’s good that the winner comes from the very very worthy champions


I can understand why Joe got the award and I’d agree that he stepped up to the plate when Galway needed him most, he finally became the leader of the group. However for me Jamie Barron was clearly the best hurler on display in the country last year.

But you’re right, you could argue the toss until the cows come home. Joe Canning’s name deserves to be up there


Jamie Barron was the best hurler in the country this year and by some distance.

Anyone who says otherwise is only codding themselves


I see the Hurling All-Stars are doing some exhibition this Saturday near me. Will drop down for a look and take a couple of pictures.


I see Daithi Burke has chosen this trip over lining out with Corofin at the weekend


He only came on for Corofin late on the last day, I’d say he has very little done with them this year


He also went to Boston the week before the connacht final. He’s focused on hurling all year, coming on for a few mins against brigids where he got a vital goal was his first bit of football in months i think. Can’t blaming for dodging this game and soaking it up.


You’re right mate. He’s over there with them.


Reading between the lines Ray Silke wasn’t overly happy with him in an interview a few weeks ago.


That’s one of the most poorly constructed sentences I’ve ever seen on TFK.


Didn’t read the interview and that’s understandable as he’d be one of their best defenders, reading between the lines myself I’d say they are giving him free reign in the hope he commits more for February and March.


It’s entirely clear and logical.


Reminds me of the time that Leighton Glynn prick picked International Rules over his Club


Corofin isn’t Burke’s club is the difference there


I thought he was Corofin and just hurls for Turlough cos it’s his closest club?