GAA betting 2024

Another year, another chance to win a few pound off the bookmakers.

Looking forward to the input of @Aristotle on this.

It’s teaming rain tonight and a strong Donegal are -13 on the Handicap v an experimental Armagh. Seems big for Football.

Ah lads.

They’ll be posting up bets on the amount of frees that’ll be awarded in a freshers match between Carlow RTC and Maynooth.

Just the 16 points to spare for Donegal in their Most Reverend Dr Patrick McKenna Cup win over Armagh cc @Cheasty


There surely shouldn’t be an inter county games until February. It probably does break up January a little but Christ it’s some ask on the players. Like a ten week pre season is surely enough.

Put the mortgage payment on Limerick to do the treble this year.

January games are mostly a box ticking exercise for inter county managers to say they gave X, Y and Z a chance.

Bit of a waste of time and resources as well.

The BOICMC would be a better way to use January.

No one would give a field for a challenge match this weather

Clarecastle is available and suitable for all comers. The Cork footballers are coming there instead of Cooraclare now

Is that not the preseason tournament?

Only a club without a pot to piss in would take a challenge match this weather

Boyles offer decent prices for listowel on handicap. They won’t concede much. We had a nibble at -2 and -3

Opinions on Glen -3?

My own opinion is charge.

Mugs game

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Buying money.

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Handicap draw double

Cork +3
Roscommon +2

Kevin Cooney MOTM

David Jennings Racing Post Week 1

Over 2.5 goals Meath-v-Fermanagh
2 points

Derry -1
2 points

Monaghan +5
1 point
WON at evens

Down -6
4 points

Galway -1
4 points

2 points

Staked 15 points
Returns 2 points

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