GAA betting 2024

Agree totally on lohan. Didn’t think he was up to it last year at all but now looks like he be hard to leave off.
Looks more athletic.

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They’ll surely hockey Tyrone this weekend so?

Will absolutely maul them

12+ point win

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Hadn’t noted Jennings tips week 4-7
Checked back in for the finals weekend

I make is staked 12, returns 0

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Some effort in fairness.

I’d an idea to max bet Clare tomorrow evening but the weather means the game could be a shit show with wind dictating matters.

So it’s actually turned into a no bet game for me.

Live-bet on the toss

Possibly but it’s adds variables that I don’t like.

  1. the wind can die out
  2. Kilkenny are outstanding at building leads and conditions can change.
  3. heavy rain looks a factor too.

I think it’s best to just leave it off now.

Clare 11/10 with tj out now?

Clare are still down a lot of bodies imo but if you fancied them before it’s enticing.

Tipp were so bad in the semi final it’s hard to gauge that from line.

With TJ out who with the frees for Kilkenny

Billy Drrennan

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What’s the weather like @endakenny @peddlerscross @Raylan @Big_Dan_Campbell @peddlerscross @Locke ?

Sorry i don’t do TFK when I’m at a match.

Never felt so mugged off in my life after being in early enough to see Paddy Deegan win the toss and going with the wind, i lumped on them to win the race to 10 points at 10/11.

Despite dominating the opening half and leading 0-09 to 0-06, the fuckers couldn’t see it out.


New York @20s

Clare gone 2/1 to 15/8 to 7/4 now.

I’d expect this to tighten up again before the off.

Dubs 2/1 away to Wexford, seems bit on big side

Clare +2 at 11/10 seems the play

It would be no bet for me but I’d be very surprised if Limerick win.

I think we’ve just too many injuries the past year and that’s usually a sign a teams cycle is coming to an end.