GAA Managerial Merrygoround Thread


So, there's already been a few appointments ahead of next season.

Tommy Carr was ratified as Cavan manager by their county board last night. He's been out of inter-county management since leaving Roscommon in 2005 so it'll be interesting to see how he gets on. Was it the 'Nude Pool' scandal that saw him jack in the Roscommon job or something else? I can't remember.

Laois have appointed Sen Dempsey as their football manager. He seemingly comes with a good reputation having been manager for minor and U-21 All-Ireland wins. Maybe MBB can tell us more about him? I know Wexford approached him last year before they struck gold with the great Jason Ryan (TM) but he seemed to be holding out for the Laois job. I think another ex-Wexford manager Pat Roe had his eye on this one but he was never going to get it after his awful spell in charge of Offaly. He probably thought he was a real candidate when O'Dwyer left what with being a Laois native and ex-player and having improved Wexford a great deal but they overlooked him for Liam Kearns at that time and his reputation has waned due to his spell with Offaly.

Niall Rigney has been confirmed as permanent Laois hurling manager after taking over in a caretaker capacity earlier this season. I just read on RTE that his selctors will be Joe Dollard and PJ Peacock. All 3 of them were on those Laois senior hurling teams in the early 1990s when there'd be bloodbath provinical semi-finals down in Dr Cullen Park or somewhere. Good memories!

Tom Ryan has withdrawn his name from the shortlist for the Limerick hurling job and also dropped his injunction! Richie Bennis is still in there fighting and, quite interestingly, it looks like Justin McCarthy is allowing his name to go forward for the job. Anyone know any more about this?

What else? I'm not sure what's been happeing in Donegal since the McIver controversy came to light. Meath still have to appoint a successor to Colm Coyle. John O'Mahony is staying for another year with Mayo. What's the story with Gerald McCarthy in Cork? He's had 2 years and they haven't reached an All-Ireland final. Is he going to stick around? Any other stuff going on around the country?


Right, this is where I earn my worth.

Sen Dempsey, brother of Mick, Martin (Miley) and PJ Demspey all of who have played for Laois. Mick Demspey is a former Laois football manager and has been a selector with Kilkenny for the past 3 years and is highly thought of by Cody.

Sen has been heavily involved with Laois GAA coaching for over a decade now, taking on U12-U16 development squads, and took over the Laois minors in the early 2000's. He lead Laois to an All Ireland title in 2003 (after coming through the back door, losing to Dublin in the Leinster final, but beating them convincingly after a replay in the All Ireland final).

He managed Laois to the Leinster minor title in 2004, before losing out to Kerry in the All Ireland semi final. This was a controversial defeat for Laois after the row down in Cork (a game which I attended and will forever hold a grudge against Michael Shields as a result) robbed us disgracefully of Brendan Quigley for the semi final. The one that got away for this Laois side.

Sen then moved onto the U21's, leading Laois to 3 provincial titles in a row. They lost out to Cork to a last minute Daniel Goulding goal in injury time in the All Ireland U21 final of 2007 which was fucking heartbreaking as its a tile we've been trying to win since the miors broke through in 1996.

He was a selector with Liam Kearns in 2007 but got out at the end of last year. Bandage is right, he was courted by Wexford last season but preferred to hold out for the Laois job.

He's a dedicated man, who in fact was over the Laois U21's and the Laois U14 and 16 development panels last year. Many in Laois had hoped he'd bring his brother Mick in with him on the ticket, but Cody is determined to go for the 4 in a row and Mick wanted to be part of that, which is fair enough I guess. He'll still be there I'm sure for Sean to bend his ear should he need him.

Spot on about the 3 fellas taking over the hurling, whatever you say about Laois hurling, there'll be fucking pride in the jersey again thats for sure.

Not to run down anything the likes of Fox or Paudge done mind you, they are fine hurling men. Dollard, Peacock and Rigney never spared the timber, and there are some talented hurlers coming through the ranks in Laois, as I'm sure Fran or Locke will tell you if either of them were at recent Minor or U21 games between the County's.

We just need to keep the hurlers hurling, and not be losing them to the football which I dont think will happen as much now as it used to.

Both are positive appointments.


Jimmy Keavney wants Brian Mullins and Mickey Whelan to be the new Dublin management team and Metro tells me they're now favourites. Mullins was a smashing footballer but don't think he really pushed Derry on while in charge. Whelan has had his time with Dublin - would be no harm in him being involved again but don't think it's much of a partnership to be honest. I'd prefer Mick Deegan after his work with the junior footballers of Fingal and Dublin.


I can't believe I forgot to mention the two probably most talked about positions in the past few weeks - Dublin football manager and Waterford hurling manager.

Micky Whelan must be 70-odd years old now though he was behind Vincent's club All-Ireland win. Mullins was Director of Sport or something out in UCD last I heard. Has he been coaching/managing any clubs recently? Dave Billings seems to do most of the football in UCD.

Loads of reports about Davy Fitz leaving Waterford since the middle of last week. He was even strongly linked with Dublin at one stage. What's the story down in Waterford? The players seemed positive enough about him but what do the public think?


Yea, strong rumours about Davy going to Dublin, not sure what to make of that, great challenge, serious money on the table there too I'd say.

As for the Dublin football job, give it to Deegan and be done with it.


Heard that Dublin GAA want a dream team management in both codes of the loopy leprechaun and Dessie Dolan.


what kind of serious money would the amateur GAA stick hurling manager of Dublin get?


Here lad, rovers fucking pride themselves on the lack of full time employees they have so get back in your fuckin box there will ya<#EMO_DIR#>/rolleyes.gif


woah- its just a question - chill

what kind of money would davey fitz if he was the dublin stick hurling manager get


Spot the smiley face there lad.

No idea what "money" he'd gather but the GAA milage rate could be anything up to 1.50 a mile. Calculate the distance from Clare to Dublin return 3 / 4 times a week and you've a fair oul salary there. Add in expenses and you'll find that the bollix can probably not work at all for the year and still be above the average wage in the country.


smiling face didnt register - not bad money for fitz but at best he seems like a good motivator- wouldnt say he brings much else to the table


Wasn't there big money being offered not long back to entice English to take over a full time role of coaching in Dublin Hurling? Huge money being pumped into Dublin Hurling (rather disproprtionate to the money being pumped into, say, Laois or Offaly hurling).

Whilst the Dublin football managers job is a low paying role (in comparison to some county's, especially one not far from my own heart), to get Davy Fitz to take over the Dublin hurling managers job, you would have to waving some serious cash in front of him, otherwise, why would he bother?


The GAA mileage rate is 0.50 per mile. No more or less, anything extra is not GAA mileage.


davy is set to take the "director of hurling" job with dublin or so my sources tell is a full time post, not sure if it is administrative or hands on etc or what his job description would entail.....on a three year full time contract...have heard what is rumoured to be his annual salery but i wont put it up as i think ncc would explode.....
this could well be a tfk exclusive, don't know if it has been posted anywhere else....

mike mac is staying on as clare manager also...


We'll take that as a TFK Exclusive alright Puke.

Post the salary or PM it to me anyway, I'm curious.


Was reading this thread yesterday just as I was fooking off to go to Glasgow and was meaning to come back to it earlier. Puke, come on - it's hardly that big a deal to post a rumoured salary! As for the 'Director of Hurling' title, is that a development or overseeing role only or would he have responsibilty for managing the senior team too?


If the Dubs appoint that leddering Leprechaun I'm declaring an all out

I'll start by refusing to pay my bin tax


why maire......who would you prefer for the job...who is more experienced and available for the director job than davy.......


There is only one man

Nicky English

Good for the Players, Good for the Clubs, Good for Dublin Hurling, Good for Leinster, Great for the Supporters


but unavailable maire...he might take over the senior hurling team but he surely wouldn't give up his cushy bank job for the director of hurling gig.....