GAA Managerial Merrygoround Thread

Willie Maher gone

Who could they get to replace him

Did he walk or was he pushed? I thought he might have got another year.

He walked, certainly no push. He missed the Meath game this year due to work commitments so I’d say that was that. I believe he had his eyes opened along the way to the madness of the Laois Hurling fraternity also. And that is a special kind of madness.

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A lot of openings now.

Galway, Waterford, Laois, Westmeath.

Heard Mattie Kenny could be in line for Westmeath.

He might have

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He doesn’t fancy the trek to Aughavas by the looks of it

When I saw activity here I was expecting news a bit more substantial than that. I hear there could be a big appointment made in the coming days that will fill plenty of column inches.

Not Justy :cry:

Gallagher ?


Been hearing this alright

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Back to Derry or new pastures ?


Maybe, there is apparently another beleaguered county board keen to bring him in to waken a sleeping giant but that may well be just rumours to push things along with Derry.



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Heard Brian Flanagan has that number.

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Andy Moran joins the Mayo backroom team.Buckley is gone.



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Well I suppose it’s no secret that’s his dream job.James Horan stated categorically on last Monday week that there was no chance Moran was Mayo bound.And that he should get a good club job for a couple of years before trying the Mayo gig.Said he would still be very close to some of the players.Which maybe wouldn’t be ideal.

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