GAA Rule Changes

you going to line the pitch for hurling and football games?

If they banned the palmed goal, I’d be all for going to a 4-point goal.

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I’ll line fuck all

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Kerry are stone useless at palmed goals. A major advantage for Dublin in that matchup

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wtf is a “choke tackle” in gaelic football?

Read some of the rules i think some would work but the advanced mark has always been a disaster

The vast majority of issues in Gaelic football stem from teams playing each other being miss matches.

When Man City roll into Luton you know what’s coming.

It’s the same. No rule changes will make things fair.

Hurling to my eye has similar issues to golf when tiger could drive the ball 300 yards straight.

When scoring from 80/90 yards is almost routine you have equipment issues.

Yeah there is a few separate issues, mismatches should be avoided by having teams at the same level compete with each other. The football league works very well in that regard. The tailteann cup is a great idea but a third level is also needed. Realistically the likes of Waterford longford and Leitrim have no chance in that either. Its getting a bad rap from many but it has a good purpose. The tiers in hurling work well giving counties a chance to have national success in a competitive competition at their own level.

Tbh changing scoring values may work in parts but i would actually drop the numbers on field to 13 a side and once you go over your own 65 the ball cant go back over again like in basketball. Maybe you have to keep 2 forwards inside the 45 too.

Hurling could benefit from standardising and inspection of bas size

I’d make the palmed goal a six pointer.

Its like a dagger to the heart of the opposition in any case.

Would love to see stats on the win percentage of teams who score a palmed goal in a game. It must be north of 90%.

I’d ban the fisted point alright.


Ban the palm, use the 1 point increase as the incentive

Did you see the Clare Limerick game Sunday? A bit like that

Great fun for coaches. Taking a ball 30m from goal and training to execute a reverse pass for a loop outside the 40 arc to kick a 2 pointer.

Putting a big lad on the square to take the % on the 40m point attempts dropping short for a 4 pointer.

KO from small square does not even deserve a comment.

Clearly define a tactical or delaying foul.

Could you apply anemometer readings on a particularly windy day to reduce/increase the 2 pointer in proportion?

Are frees and 45s to be 2 pointers from outside?

Kerry used to love an oul’ handpassed goal. Or a throw goal, as they were back then, a bit like hurling’s current problem.

Clifford’s career will end by getting poleaxed by an eccentric Nordie goalkeeper while waiting on a loopy ball across the square.

Hardly, the Nordie goalies are rarely at home.