GAA Special Congress - Proposal B

Does anybody know the detail of this proposal? Something to do with making the All Ireland champioship a league based competition?

What are the pros and cons?

Ah here! Wait! Does this only apply to the football?

Who cares?

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Mayo and Galway are voting against it.

TFK decides. 2/3’s majority required

  • Proposal B all the way
  • Proposal B no way

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There needs to be change.
But the bleating of the people pushing for it is annoying me.


Can you edit that poll to include a “Don’t give a fuck” option?

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I hope we have the deciding vote and we put the final nail in the coffin. Can’t imagine anyone in Nowlan Park knows what either Proposal is.

here mate, this is your third post on a thread you set up, it looks like you give a fuck :wink:

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There’s a lot unpack here in such a short sentence

Why do you hope this?

Why would you want this?

What direction is the final nail?

Aye I know. I was asking for info at first and then realised that I wasn’t interested in the subject matter. I’m full of regret and remorse. I think I’m having a breakdown.

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TFK is no place for breakdowns

Nor regret nor remorse! That’s why I think I’m having a breakdown.

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I’m here for you bro, I’ve nothing but love for all my TFK brethren, @padjo aside.


60% will do

Not on TFK it won’t

Copper have you a breakdown of the declared votes so far and what way this is likely to go? Whats paddy power saying?

Look, it offers weaker counties 7 competitive games at a time made for football. What’s not to like in that. There’s obvious hurdles that will require tweaking but the current system is detrimental to the likes of ourselves.
7 games in or around your own standard gives every squad plenty of game time. Old dogs like Mayo are opposed and are anxious to keep their feet on the throats of their less successful neighbours. Down with that shite……


Aye. But it’s football. Could be worse I suppose. Might be soccer.

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