Gaa split season,killing Meath football since 2011

Wonder what a fly on the wall doc like “a year till Sunday” would cost for RTE/TG4 to run? The main problem is that county would inevitably blame the cameras if they lost a few games.

That F1 documentary was lightning in a bottle, exotic locations, opulence and a soap opera appeal. Then COVID hit, people were hungry for action and F1 delivered the most tense, season long championship battle in it’s history with a blacklivesmatter backdrop

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Good to hear cork had their media night yesterday

Budget wise, it shouldn’t be too bad. Whatever it cost TG4 to do Underdogs should cover it.

Shane Saint put huge work into doing one with Cuala one of the years but made a bollix of the sound recording so ended up with brilliant footage, but no sound to go with it and had to scrap the whole thing.


It was probably better for not having to listen to Shane’s lame banter and general sneery manner


I reckon it would have been good.

It would have been mostly Mattie Kenny talking anyway in any case.

But the disinterest is being driven by counties that are not shite.

I don’t think we’ll ever agree or be able to prove was it the chicken or the egg.

“We were encrypted in the last ten minutes”

Is that a Waherfurd thing @Fagan_ODowd?

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De La Salle.

There’s a rumour there’s an All-Ireland football semi-final on today but I don’t believe it.

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Wow,that’s some take on it

There is you know. The final of the mini leagues is on before it.

John Mullane sitting in his Van

Whats that got to do with Gaa mate?

Drink has been taken.This lad has to be put on mute I think.

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We’re doing the exact same to our best Gaa players. Creating a 12 month season. Endless games.