Galway - dual travails part 2

Lee and o shea very good hurlers. Didn’t O’Shea do all his underage hurling full forward?
Does John Cooney have the mobility for wing forward?

O’Shea played all his underage hurling for Galway at 14.

Think it’s debatable re John Cooney tbh.

John Cooney absolutely not mobile enough.

I dont know what the idea of playing O Shea midfield is. Imagine what the limericks midfield would do to him :see_no_evil:. Theres simply no room for Evan Niland and O Shea on the same team. Arguably no room for either…

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A lot of direct Tipp traffic thru O’Shea today.
Lee has potential. Fahy is a tryer.


I think you’re right. If O Shea was 6 6, you’d pick him, but he just isn’t.


O’Shea is a lovely hurler. Can deliver some great ball and take a score. However, he just has no athleticism whatsoever. No pace. No physicality. Hard to survive at intercounty without at least one if not both.


Lee definitely showed flashes of being the real deal. I’d like to see more of Jamie Ryan before I’d judge him but my inkling is he has it

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Agreed. A lot lamenting his injury last year.

Agree with that

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The thing with no Kevin Cooney now is that last year he was the target of a lot of ball and Whelo often played off him. Without him today most of the ball was hit towards Whelo but he didn’t really have anyone playing off him. Niland and Monaghan more suited to being out the field. Maybe when Concannon and McLaughlin are back he’ll have those foils around him up front.


I thought it was an encouraging enough performance yesterday. Cianan looks like he has it too.
Whelan put in some shift.
I’d agree that O Shea and Niland in the same vicinity won’t work against the shaved gorillas, but we’ll see.

Whatever “it” is, Gavin Lee has it. Really impressed with him. Looking forward to seeing him again.


O’Shea definitely overplaying the ball on occasions yesterday looking for deep balls into the full forward line when easy points were on.

The Limericks will murder him.


Not worth carrying for one killer pass to assist a goal.

He hit a smashing ball for Whelan at the end of the first half but it got stuck in a divot when hitting grass and Whelan over ran it.

Is Niall Collins the brother of Liam?

I think Liam is the younger brother of Niall

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Sean Kelly named on the bench.

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Rob Finnerty going well so far

Galway are going to have to tag Morgan when he comes up the field. He’s actually having a big influence on the game and they are kinda just leaving him off at the moment.