Galway Races 2010 - Day 1, Race 1

got word for a horse for this.

i know one of the owners better than anybody and NCC would know 2 of them particularly well.

i can’t say anymore !!!

:pint: :clap:

Entries out today. Nothing for the fine wine to fear but the ground.

Fuck off rain

at what price would you be betting at?

To be honest KIB man we will do very well to give Fingal Rock 8 lbs and a beating.

I think Cab is an each way bet but doubt he’ll be an each way price

It’s going to piss rain in Galway for the next few days it seems. Good luck with him TDB whatever happens.

Is there anywhere to view the declarations for Galway? I want to find out if a horse called High Vintage has been entered during the week. There’s nothing on ATR website about it, not even the cards for Monday are up. has the entries for first 3 days Dunph

Cards won’t be up until after declarations at the weekend.

Not a drop today, lovely day actually. Supposed to be a few showers on Saturday but otherwise is meant to remain dry for the next week or so. At least thats what a few auld lads were saying in the pub earlier on. They know this shit.

Get on Force of Habit for this…

Any word from TDB on this?
Will they be punting him? Touching 13/2 now so plenty of scope for e/w betting.

There seems to be a bit of cut in the ground.

I don’t think i’ll be having any bets on Galway tonight or possibly any night. Looks a total minefield.

Good call Dunph.
Galway is nothing only a bookies benefit.

[quote=“The Runt, post: 481716”]
Good call Dunph.
Galway is nothing only a bookies benefit.
[/quote] :smiley: B) :stuck_out_tongue: Ya never know…

ill be having a punt on Weld’s yoke Mutalameeq in the 7f handicap but ill leave it at that for tonight.
i despise summer jumps racing and galway is the worst of the lot.
my advice is to take all tips with a pinch of salt for this meeting, its a cunt of a festival with terribly poor racing especially the NH fare

Agree 100% with all that.
It’s just another example of the brilliant marketing those folks in Galway come up with.
In fairness to them, they manage to have a festival every 2nd weekend up there and usually pack them out.

I was up there for the powerboat festival (!!) and the place was jammed.

emails sent to the TFK inner sanctum re todays race

ground not ideal, giving weight away, 5/1 fair price

Balls, he just fell and Gerathy looked to be pulling a train.

what happened?