Galway v Clare




I’d be slightly concerned if I was a GY supporter, that’s 2 games running where Donoghue has been outsmarted on the line imo.
I’m surprised at him tbh.


@KinvarasPassion the big roaster on display there.


Ian Galvins wide and Peter Duggan’s mishit free were the crucial moments where we fluffed our lines. The championship moments. 2-13 against a side who scored about 6 points in 50 mins is not enough


Galway defence is nothing special


Limerick will ate them alive


Welldone Galway


What is it about Semple stadium that seems to bring out the best in hurling teams.


Hard luck Joe, ye left it behind ye


Crucial? What about the other heap of poor wides?


Fuck me but Clare threw that away. They were definitely the better team over the two ties. That’s a defeat that will take a long, long time to get over.

Even at the end, that last long ball that went wide, what was yer man thinking. There was every chance of an equaliser had he kept his head.

Galway have developed a Kilkenny-like ability to survive when they shouldn’t.


“Yer man”? That was “Rolls Royce” mate


They were the two to bring us level. Much bigger psychologically than the others which were also shocking


Still can’t believe that O’Donnell got away with that many steps, twice

Duggans goal was brilliant but the missed free was shocking


Yeah, Galway had 1-9 on the board after around 20-25 minutes so only scored another 0-8 in the last 50 odd minutes including injury time. Clare will wonder how they managed to lose that, but I guess 20 wides tells a tale and that rebound miss by Shanagher was unbelievable. Lack of composure all over the field in the last 10 minutes but Canning’s lineball point was crucial. Clare missed a couple of good chances to get level and Galway inched two ahead at least twice in the home straight.


Self indulgent today

Cost them the game




Did Clare shit the bed again Har?


A collective lack of recent big game experience in comparison to GY cost Clare today.

No individual cost them the game.


He was useless. Over hit 5 or 6 balls and tried fancy passes when not right play