Galway v Clare


They did a @GeoffreyBoycott on it.


Tony Kelly is very easily nullified… Always has been.


He is expected to win games on his own which is hugely unfair.


No he is not.

Clare have plenty good players.

He is nowhere near their best player at this stage


He never wins a dirty ball so if he’s not scoring 4/5 points from play he’s not worth having there


Go way you utter clown of a man. :smile:


Matty, you’re a cunt for asking this simpleton questions when it’s clear he hasn’t a fucking clue.


Yeah he’s plenty of support around him.

Found it hard to decipher if Coen was man marking him this week or was he left roam around?




Regardless he wasted from memory 6+ balls when he was in possession and under little pressure. 4 in last 10 mins


Says the so called All Star Trainer asking if Hockey would give the young wan Dirty Habits for the Camogie? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Agreed. Pumped in high, overhit balls. You see they went clean through and missed that Shanagher goal chance when Cleary delivered a controlled low ball in front of the full forward line. Kelly had a load of chances to deliver similar balls.


Shane O’Donnell will be a big loss for Clare next year.

His goal was class in fairness.


Sure what the fuck would I know about camogie or hockey ??
I know my limits kid. I’m a top top coach in my field so would not jeopardise my reputation by getting involved in codes I’ve no interest or expertise in.
You’d do well to observe my stance on the above.


Jog on


If Johnny Glynn can play with a job then SoD can as a student


He lost the match for Clare there with that fuck up of a free.


This is some Galway team. They can win it any way.


Galway went nearly 23 minutes without a score in that match which is criminal. Clare’s wides were shocking. Limerick’s all Ireland this year without doubt.


Time for Limerick to man up and buy some suits.Give up the auld underdogs charade and plan the homecoming.