Galway v Clare


Dan is 25 mate.


I just want to say hard luck to a gallant Clare team today. @Joe_Player @Raylan


Go away. I thought he was one of last year’s U21 Crop. :flushed:


Mannion has been outstanding


Your subtlety is very raucous Geoff. Curb your edges and smooth it off a bit.


Aussie Gleeson I’m saying it all summer


Clare had some very bad misses today even in the 1st half when they were being blown away. Left it behind them.


My theory on that is that Galway are a jaded team. They have these 15 minute scoring bursts but don’t have the energy levels to sustain them. 10 of the Galway starters today started the 2015
All Ireland Final. Limerick had just four starters last week from the starting team that exited to Dublin in the same 2015 championship and one of those four, Cian Lynch was in his debut season. Of the 17 Galway players that saw action today, 10 were involved in 2012 when they lost the replayed All Ireland to Kilkenny.

Limerick are a young team starting out with very little mileage on the clock. Galway while not an old team have amassed serious miles on the clock over 7 campaigns stretching back to 2012 and it does seem to be taking its toll now.

Galway do have that critical know how of winning an All Ireland and the aura of reigning All Ireland champions which Limerick don’t have though.


Clare fucked that game away . They’ll have nightmares when they watch it back


True but today Galway had a few lads playing who were carrying fairly bad knocks…the stuff some of these lads did this week just to get half fit was crazy.

Great result today tbh and a week recovery to get some of these guys back for Galway was all about getting over the line and they did that.

Galway fucked it away the first day with 22 wides…


And clare today with a similar number. A nastier streak to the game today altogether.


The ref didn’t help the cause there!


Ref left way too much go today so lads started taking the law into their own hands.


The Limerick resolve last week in digging it out over the last 10 minutes was quite rightly praised. The type of heroics we saw from Nicky Quaid doesn’t often happen though and if it wasn’t for his intervention Limerick were buried. I think in fairness even most of the knowledgeable Limerick supporters here acknowledged that they played poorly for long stretches of the semi final. If Limerick play to that standard in the final, they’ll be beaten. I would expect a more even performance from Galway over the 70 minutes.


Horgan gave Galway nothing in the first half. It was actually blackguarding.


Yeah think that lead to the tetchiness of Joe and a few others.


:joy: You can’t even pick a winner from a two horse race


True.that for me was the beat moment this year for limerick.quality save …

Ya it’s hard to call…if Galway have 18/19 fully fit guys I’d give them the edge…limerick have dug games out this year where you would have said they were dead and buried…

Galway can’t afford to take the foot off the pedal v limerick as they are a youngish team and play with no fear.

Should be a great final


What ex Galway players were having a go at the current squad during the week anyway?


O Donnell did serious damage today he is limited enough as a hurler but has huge energy and aggression and his movement was excellent.