Galway v Clare


A 3rd championship loss of the campaign for Clare. No business been in the final.


Surely that will be dathi


That will be the Daithi


Padraic Mannion if Galway win the final. A Rolls Royce of a hurler having his best season.


One Clare lost as much as we won, but then bar the ten seconds after shanaghers goal they never led. The replays will do for us, David Burke is key to this team and he’s gassed.

Great to get out of Thurles. To get out with a win is even better, four wins in a row there think. Clare roasters are mad bastards, celebrated after like they had won. Decent sorts too, practically apologising for some of Horgans crooked calls. He obviously had Clare heavily backed. You just get a better class of person on the atlantic coast, much more decent than in the anglicised parts of Ireland. The unpleasant away trips to cannon fodder like wexford now fading from memory.

Big shout out to some of the tipp posters, who have lowered themselves to shouting for Clare, and now amazingly Limerick, hoping they have the men to do what tipp couldn’t, fairly beat this Galway team. Don’t stop believing.

Not much of a chance against energy packed Limerick, but it’s nice to be there.


I’d be sickened.

Chances like that don’t come along very frequently.

They mightn’t even get out of Munster next year - Cork have an Indian sign on them since 2013.


He’s unlikely to be in the reckoning this season if he has a strong final. He’ll need to be as quiet as last year to be in with a real shout.


Final is a great occasion to be involved in, win or lose. You won it last year anyway. Hard to see the Limerick juggernaut derailed now. With the extra week rest and the bench that they have, it’s Limerick’s to lose now.


Great character in that Galway team. Third semi-final in four years won by a point. Big chance missed but gained a lot more than we lost this year.


Big time, their smarter use of ball in the wide pastures will kill us. Didn’t take too long for us to abandon the smart ball use and go to route Jonny. Couldn’t begrudge Limerick a win.


I have huge time for Galway hurling and this particular team but all neutrals want Limerick to win. I’ll be delighted for Galway if they emulate 87-88. A rare final as a neutral, where I’ll be happy whatever the outcome.


It’s the people’s final


There’s a serious pattern emerging with Galway where they start strong and don’t follow through. That’s the third game in a row where it has happened.

I don’t think they’ll get an early lead in the final and I think Limerick have an outstanding chance of beating them.


Unless some limerick player like Gillane or Lynch has a ridiculously good final then Padraig Mannion is hoty by a country mile. Mind you I thought the same about Mcinerney last year and still think his omission from short list has devalued the award big time for any future winners.


In a year without a standout candidate the HOTY will 100% come from the winning team


There is a stand out candidate, P Mannion.


Maybe to Galway fans but I wouldn’t see it that way, he’d be a very deserving winner but they’ll have to win


Well as a very unbiased and well respected poster, I’ll take on board what you are saying.


I personally think that Dan Morrissey has YHOTY sown up.


If they win he deserves it this year. Carried them today up front with Whelan.