Galway v Clare


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I know you’ll be shouting for Limerick on the day.


@maroonandwhite must be composing an absolute Iliad of a post. Such technical attention to detail I’ve never seen.



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Bit rich as the style of refereeing was most reminiscent of a certain B Gavin


He’s an idiot, and an arrogant one at that.


Unreal that the cunt is given column space to criticise any ref, when you look back at his performances.


When Clare were 9 down the ref let them have a game of soldiers ffs until they got it back to a couple of points. Galway had the hoop bate off em.


Jaysus, the amount of steps taken by O’Donnell is insane in slow motion.




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The passage of play where Horgan called for a throw in and then proceeded to throw the ball to a Clare player :rofl:


Indeed. Didn’t take Gavin long to become a media whore. You’d think there’d be some kind of loyalty amongst refs. Which there obviously isn’t.

Didn’t realise they could let a game develop. I thought they were meant to apply the rules.

I think most of em hate each other but Gavin is friends with McGrath.


Are there more steps in slow motion?


Reminiscent of when lar was thrown the ball straight from a throw in for the winner in 2010, they really should be monitoring these refs banks accounts. Or just have two refs to dilute the bias.


There’s something a bit off about him cashing in on having little digs at ex colleagues through the media. It’s like these ex EPL referees showing up on Sky Sports and BT Sports to review decisions. These current referees have to get up for work in the morning.


It’s more pronounced, it’s difficult to count the small steps in real time


I guess the Galway lads would prefer if the Clare players stood up to give them some time.