Galway v Clare


Yeah. Insane alright


Fuck off back to Scunthorpe, you cunt.


A biteen cuntish .


Noted & I’ll be having a chat to him about it.


the same should apply — you should be able to go from thread to thread doing as i said


Indeed, 24 steps with one hop


That’s what I can’t figure, how a recently retired far from flawless ref has no issue openly slagging off another ref in a national newspaper.


Éamonn Sweeney in the Indo has fairly knifed Clare today. :open_mouth:



No fear of Clare hurling


You have to take your chances when they present, Clare won’t win one now with that group


Cork won’t either


We are rebuilding


Just when you think you cannot possibly read any more bollox, you get a no mark hack opining that a fine hurling team of utterly brave men had no problem scoring if they were two points behind, but were too psychologically damaged to score if they were one point down.
No, you cretin, they had the rub of the referee, shot some bad wides throughout, and had the bad luck to hit the post at a crucial juncture. That is all.
That’s like the kind of shite you’d write in an intercert application for work experience as a porter in the priory.


Pucking balls aimlessly out of play? Getting blocked down on a free? Bad luck alright.


Eamonn Sweeney is one of the very worst ‘writers’ who ever caught a pen. He has all the grace and the sensibility of a bluebottle.


He was certainly reaching with that.


If they were mistake-free they’d win every game.


Jamsie crestfallen on Newstalk there now


It’s a tough way to lose a game. 175 minutes of hurling and lose by one point.