Gaming Thread

This thread will die like a motherfucker but whatever.

Soon to cop Skyrim, shit looks incredible particularly if you like Game Of Thrones type RPGs/adventures…

Also, review of the new Zelda, which is currently sitting with 95% on Metacritic…

MW3 and BF3 after coming out recently as well, definitely the best time of the year to be a gamer. :cool:

You sad cunt.

Thanks for the uppage mate. :clap:

I only got my Xbox sent over last week and bought MW3, never played the first two but it is top quality stuff…Must get a wireless adaptor for the 360 now

Thats the problem with the xbox, you have to buy all those extras. I’m going to invest in a PS3 after christmas anyway since the xbox went in the bin.

I am very happy with my purchase of a ps3.
I don’t like the look of that skyrim game. Sounds gay.

Are games like COD MW3 pointless if you’re too shy to play online?

The online play is the main attraction alright, but I don’t see how shyness could limit you playin online, you don’t need to communicate with anyone. Just join a game and shoot away.

So yeah, Skyrim is incredible. Anyone who loves sandbox type games needs to get this immediately/

What is the premise of Skyrim, I presume by sandbox you mean free roam games.

Must say I am enjoying MW3

yep sure is a good time of year for gaming, dark nights, shit weather and all the good games coming out. Enjoying MW3 myself. Its even better when you get to shoot Artfoley in the back especially when he is on your team. :slight_smile:

I like the sounds of that. Sign me up.

Yeah free roam, stuff like GTA and Assassin’s Creed would be sandbox games; however the world of Skyrim is far bigger and more alive then any other game of this type, the attention to detail is incredible. There is a mian quest and other side quests so basically you can do whatever you want whenever. Beyond that its a RPG/adventure game in a world similar to something like Game of Thrones, loads of dragons to kill, factions to join, battles to fight and stuff like that.

Sounds shite to me. More that like Warcraft to me.

I’ve never played WoW or Warcraft in my life (largely because they look shite) so I’ve no idea. Anyway they are different genres and Skyrim has gotten far more critical acclaim then both.

Sounds shit.

I see.

What sort of console is needed to play these games? I have a playstation above in the attic, if i brought it down we could organise a game online…

You need a SNES

I could buy one off the buy & sell…