Gary Speed - RIP

It’s just been announced that he’s died at the age of 42.

He was a guest on Football Focus yesterday.

I don’t know what happened but the Football Association of Wales have released a statement confirming his passing.


Just heard he has passed away.

Quality footballer and seemed an alright sort.


The Welsh manager? This is out of the blue.



Awful news!

Could be some kind of sick joke too, seems very sudden unless a car crash or something.

Unfortunately it’s true. Confirmed by FAW, BBC, Sky, ESPN. Found hanged in his home this morning.

Good player, lovely left foot. He was part of that Leeds title winning midfield - Strachan, Batty, McAllister, Speed. Really sad stuff.

Rip Gary Speed.

Yikes, RIP.

This is very sad news

He was upbeat yesterday on football focus about his job and Wales prospects for the future.

Absolutely shocking news.

Ah thats fucking awful news.

The former Leeds, Everton, Newcastle and Bolton midfielder was found hanged at his home in Chester this morning.
Police say there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding the 42-year-old’s death.
The Football Association of Wales confirmed the news, saying that Speed’s family had authorised the release of the information.
A spokesman for Cheshire Police said: “At 7.08am this morning, sunday 27 November, police were informed of an incident at Aldford Road, Huntington. Officers went to the scene where a 42-year-old man was found dead. There are no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death and next of kind have been informed.” The spokesman added that man was found hanged.
The force later confirmed that the dead man was Speed.
After hearing of the news, Manchester United striker Michael Owen, who lives near the star, tweeted: “Just cannot believe the news regarding Gary Speed. We waved at each other a couple of days ago dropping our kids off at school. I’m numb.”

from the telegraph

Ah thats terrible. RIP

It’s very hard to understand what must be going through the minds of these people. On the outside you’d think they’d had it all, it’s very sad.

Very sad news. RIP Gary Speed.

fuck me, thats awful RIP. A strange one, had he family?

Judging by the quote from Michael Owen above he seemed to have kids anyways. Madness.

A few posts above mentions him dropping his kids to school

2 sons according to Owen on twitter