Compulsive viewing this. All a bit unnecessary, almost car-crash stuff, but very watchable either way.

Tis tough alright…always had a soft spot for Gazza, tortured soul…

Bianca is a ride.

Bit of a manly voice on her though.

Fook Gazza, he’s a thick cunt.

I thought you would have some sympathy for Gazza flano, seeing as both of ye have mental illnesses…

fairly hairy snatch too

Remind me to have a little trim next time I’m going commando.

It’s definitely car crash stuff. It’s actually pretty sad on a human level.

Has the Celtic fan in you forgiven him for the flute playing antics Bandage? What’s Jimmy ‘five bellies’ at these days? Some friend he was.

The young lad is def a gayer.

Said the exact same thing myself Cluain

Nah, I don’t hold the flute thing against him because I don’t think he understood what he was doing to be honest. He’s a tragic case, albeit a wife and kids beating one. I wasn’t sure about this at the start - I wondered if the family were trying to coin it up by milking the Gazza name and getting as much publicity as they could before he croaked it. But the older son genuinely seemed to be in bits about things - I felt pretty sorry for him. As for the younger son; hates football, has a rabbit and prances around - he’s a little poofcake.

We were remarking that here, the youngest is definitely a deviant but the lack of a male authority figure might have something to do with that.

Sorry now, but fuck Gazza. I feel sorry for the family, very sorry, but he has had people bending over backwards to help him and he rejected it all. There are people all over the world who are adicts of some sort and don’t have people like his lovely family around him. He also hits women, fuck him.

The lad is obviously mentally ill and alcohal has obviously opened doors in his psyche that were never ment to be opened…Too easily led and naive and has ended up a basket case and a shell of a man now because of it…I am not going ot defend his actions which were completely wrong but I do have some sympathy towards him…

Mental illness + Alcoholism + Painkiller addiction = One messed up fooker.

Yer man Mason seemed like a good lad for refusing to give up on him in fairness.

i feel sorry for gazza - he isnt the brightest by any stretch & has been badly led by his hanger ons who deserted him once he stopped playing ball, a number of his ex managers & teamamates should be ashamed the way they tolerated/encouraged his excesses when he was a star players & now it appears they are nowhere to be seen in his time of need

Chris Waddle was on Offtheball this evening talking about him and he prety much said that he was too easily led and also when he returned from italia 90 that everybody wanted a piece of him…Waddle said it could well have been different if he had a manager like ferguson rather than El Tel at the time who would have protected him a bit better

watty put up with loads- he pissed on erik bo anderson, bet his wife, shat in Celtics dressingroom to name but a few but as long as he was doing it on the pitch they tolerated it

id agree with waddle

Think Ferguson came out and said something like that as well - if he only joined us instead of Spurs I would have saved him.

I suppose you can walk on water as well you cunt.