Germany Backers Thread

I will be supporting England but realistically much as I’d love to see it happen, can’t see Roy and the lads bridging the 48 year gap back to 1966.

I’m predicting the Nationalmannschaft to ultimately triumph in Rio on July 13. A great footballing nation, wonderful tradition and people and will be delighted for them if they do prevail.

In ta fuck :clap::pint:


A musical masterpiece

Few of that German team would get into the England team.

Neuer, Lahm and Schweiny, perhaps.


Germany are going to be the big flops of this tournament.

I predict that the three traditional European powerhouses of Germany, Italy and Holland will all exit at the group stage.

Crushing blow to teutonic hopes of overall victory. Marco Reus out of the tournament with an ankle injury.

World Cup kicks off for Germany at 5. Omens good for a successful start. They’ve won their opening game in the last 6 World Cups stretching back to 1990.

Todays game is tie of the first round really. Pity its not on later.

Frau Merkel in the stands in Salvador as Germany set a record as the first team to play in 100 games in World Cup finals. She really does get around. Its hard to think of a leader who has been as enthusiastic about following her national team around far flung and varied corners of the globe. I think you might have to be looking at going back to the halcyon days of Euro 88 and the Empire City in 1990 to find anything to rival let alone match it

I’m in.

Her national team were disbanded in 1989 though…

Terrific stuff so far. The Boys in Brazil doing the Fatherland proud.

Uber alles.

Efficient display and victory.

Some defensive issues that need to be addressed but on the whole a point against a strong side like Ghana in the sweltering humid conditions of North Brazil is a good result. Just look what happened to Italy, Uruguay, Spain & Portugal in the sauna. Good to see Schweini get some game time. I’d expect him to be back in midfield when the real business begins next week with Lahm reverting to full back.

It’ll take a very good team to beat Germany in this World Cup.

Not the best of performances but a clean sheet and a win to top the group is as much as you can ask for at this stage of the tournament.

When you look at how badly other European sides such as England, Italy, Spain & Portugal fared in the North, 7 points from 9 is a good return from 3 games in Salvador, Fortaleza and Recife. Germany will play down South for the rest of the tournament.

Job done tonight. The real business begins now at the Maracana on Friday.

Terrific stuff from Mats Hummels. Defying illness just to be even on the field today.