Germany Backers Thread

You could probably write off the Germans this time around.

It’s opening up for the Belgiums.

Just like the road to Berlin after the Battle of the Bulge.

Can we keep the tiresome WW2 analogies going?

I’d love to see him give Moukoko a go the next day, he’s only 18 but he’s the best striker they have and in good form.

Missed some amount of chances today.

There was a Leyte Gulf in class between Japan and Germany today.

It’ll now require the biggest German attack on Spain since Hitler unleashed his Condor Legion at Guernica in 1937 for the four times World Champions to qualify from the group.

All eyes now on D-Day in Doha between England and the USA.

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England will never get a better chance surely. I’d fancy them to catch France.


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Good result for Germany. They’ll now finish second and end up in the easy quarter of the draw. Unreal tactical planning. Out to 20/1. I’m going but 2k on them before Sunday.

The Spaniards seem to have managed this far without one.
A striker would be looked upon with suspicion in Germany. Down with that kind of thing…

You can never write off the Germans. Even when they’re not playing.


The mood here in the Fatherland is that this is not a vintage German team by any means but that they could grow into this tournament and the draw might just open up for them a bit if they emerge from the group.

Pesky Germans