Getting a dog

Crazy Puppy Throwing Girl[/url] and what [url=“”]4chan plans to do to her.

4chan would be a bad enemy

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She deserves to die screaming, hope she does.

Drowning puppies. FFS.

Who hasn’t

That girl got game.

Her biggest mistake was getting caught

“Hi, I’m The Runt, I’m a hard man who drowns puppies for a laugh.” Get a life. It’s on par with killing a new born.

Yeah, a new born dog.

+1…nobody will ever care for you as much as a good dog will

Runt been showing up badly here. First internet stalking, now puppy murdering. The sociopathic fucker.

It’s exactly like killing a new born.


good to see a poster on here willing to get stuck into huckleberry

I hope George didnt hear that… :unsure:

I’ve got some advice for you sonny and that’s not to mess with the TFK Coursing Supporters Club and the country shooting and fishing set on this site. You can consider this post a first warning. Stand down. This goes deep.

She heard it every day, why do you think she used to run so fast.

What sort of pups were they?

Your a sick fook after this thread Runt

If only you knew SS. I’m a big supporter of Stag (Gormley should be hunted now) and Fox hunting, throwing puppies in a river however is beyond sick.


You were the one digging up the rock to throw in the bag

That is an outragous lie, i have drowned many kittens(sick fucking things) but never dogs.