I’m giddy. Is anyone else giddy?



Giddy as fcuk today. I have secured my AI ticket and am rather excited by it.

Giddy here too.

Hold that excitement coz that’s as good as it’s going to get.

I was giddy out the other day and now regret I didn’t make more of it. I’m not particularly giddy today but I’d see myself as easily excitable so fingers crossed.

Was giddy yesterday singing our national anthem in the Aviva. Even sang the Irish one after it too. Not giddy today though.

I’m constantly in a state of giddy-ness, if anything I need to tone it down.

But yeah, i’m giddy out.

I’ve been on the dry all weekend, now i’m ready to hit the pub, giddy as fuck. Hup…

I’m seriously giddy today. Is anyone else giddy?

Giddy as fuck mate-always am on Fridays. I have a body of work to get through before 5 bell and I can’t settle at all. Whoopy de whoop.


:guns: :guns: :guns:

I am giddy at the thoughts of Sean Quinn being jailed today. I may go celebrate tonight if the cunt is eating porridge in the morning.

I’m giddy as fuck.
Hitting the road shortly for a booze up :pint:

Giddy on over to the fitness thread and answer my question you insufferable bollox of a man.

I feel the city’s lure, The apple of my eye I cherish her, New York, New York, I’m comin’ :pint:

Beer for Harry tonight! :clap: :clap:

5 hours till quitting time…“You will never kill a will to be free, to be free” :pint: