Great stuff Puke. :ireland:

Until this year is gone…party ooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…

@Bandage/Thraw et al

Do you think it would be worthwhile setting up a favourite Damien Dempsey lyrics thread?

fuck off- he cant sing - his music is shit too -

Fuck off TASE mate.

Puke, set up the thread please.

Oh I’m very very giddy so I am. Myself the Runt and our entourage are leaving in the nex 20 mins . Circa 1 hour to first pint. C’maaaaaaaan

Rintintin, did Runt print out my advice on what pubs in Wexford to drink in?

Fucking right it would be. Does he have an appreciation thread already?

No Thrawneen. That’s Kauto Star you’re thinking of.

Oh the giddiness. Giddy. Giddy. Giddy.

The combination of this beautiful crisp Dublin day and the warm fuzzzy feeling that can only be got from new underpants must have you bouncing in your chair mate. Roll on 5 o clock. :pint: :pint:

I presume he did the Runt is a character like the nerdy twin in the film euro trip , where did you post these BTW ?

[quote=“The All Seeing Eye, post: 709217”]

fuck off- he cant sing - his music is shit too -[/quote]

Not exactly a huge shock to see you failing to appreciate something of quality that’s distinctively Irish.

TASE is right

He’s distinctively Irish alright, a bit too distinctive


the only reason people like him us because he is Irish- he has no musical ability and his songs are shit

Tase, why do you hate Ireland and her people and culture?

I can play outplay most cunts on the guitar and I can tell you Damo is a seriously deft player. A wonderful musician and vocalist.
TASE, you’re out of line here.

[quote=“Fran, post: 709227”]

He’s distinctively Irish alright, a bit too distinctive[/quote]
Nail. Head.

the Irish sold out to London and the vatican

I was wondering the exact same thing…

No mate, we were sold out, by strangers and by some of our own yes. But we are still here tho- You should have spent some time amongst us while you were visiting instead congreagating in West Britain. Did your beloved Italian states not sell out to Rome and the vatican too?