Gigs coming up


This thread is for drawing attention to upcoming gigs that members of the forum may want to attend.

Missed Morricone in Belfast and Tindersticks in Vicar Street over the last few months and I am bloody raging.

Off to The Wedding Present tomorrow in Andrews Theatre off Dame Street looking forward to it.

Think I will head to the Pogues as well before Christmas.


Heading to Ocean Colour Scene on Thursday night. Bought the tickets months ago and nearly forgot about them.


Went to see them this time last year in the Olympia. Great gig, really enjoyed it.


Saw them before there about 3 or 4 years ago. Always seem to give it socks. Looking forward to it.


An OCS gig around 9 years ago was my first ever gig. Havage band.


Bob Dylan tickets went on sale today. As did Cliff Richard and the Shadows.


Where and when is he playing Shan?


The 02 Point in May.


Got a ticket for meself and the oul lad today for his Christmas present. Wouldn't have bothered if it was the RDS but the 02 is supposed to be deadly. Saw him in Kilkenny 2 years ago and it was good. Old-timey music I guess. You'd hardly recognise his famous songs. I enjoyed his band though, all great players.


Usually a good time of year for gigs but slightly less so this year I feel. Would have like to catch Alabama 3 but didn't. Is Ocean Colour Scene sold out?

Andrew's Lane isn't a bad little venue farmer, a real dirty little place.


Never there Sledge - obvious I suppose seeing I didn't get the name right!

Manus if you are out there - have you ever seen The Wedding Present live? Not sure what they will be like to be honest. The one thing that lets Gedge down for me is his voice.


Was at Bob Dylan's gig in the Point 8 or 9 years ago. Twas great show in fairness. There was massive hype over it as everyone was saying it was his last gig in Ireland. Touts were even offering 1500 for a ticket.
Dylan has played a rake of times since.


Dont think so Sledge


Saw him a couple of years ago in the Marquee. Didn't get him to be honest, was a let down.

Kasabian playing the Marquee next summer, will go to that.


Kasabian's second album was (like so many bands) vastly inferior to their first, I think I've listened to it around twice. They don't pack as much of a punch live as you'd like either, although I am basing this on their Oxegen show from a good few years back - maybe they're better indoors but I doubt it.


I saw them with Faithless in Marley Park a few years back. A hazy night, but remember them being pretty decent. They have played secret gigs in Dolans in Limerick a few times in recent years but failed to get tickets on both occassions. Would love to see them in an intimate venue like that.


Glasvegas this Sunday in the Academy. Should be mega.


Seen them a few times Farmer,late 80s/early 90s,more of a studio band to be honest,Gedges voice wouldn't be the best but as they are one of my favourite bands I always enjoyed the gigs no matter what.

Hope you enjoy,let me know how they are.;)


Myself and The Green Hen (a.k.a. TP McNally) are going to see the Saw Doctors twice in New York, bought tickets for the shows on 13 and 14 March 2009 in the Times Square theatre New York, cannot wait.

Thinking about going to see them in the Melody Tent in Hyannis in the summer too, the live DVD from there that just came out is class.


That's gas. Jugs and I saw them in Hyannis when we were on J1 in 2002. The Americans were going apeshit, literally dancing in the aisles.

I'll probably go to The Pogues having heard the lads' reports from previous Christmas gigs.

I might check out Damien Dempsey before Christmas too.