Gigs coming up


Nope, some of the boggers love his latest tune.

Kids apparently only listen to Wastelife and the Spice Girls, but it’ll be full of adults “reliving” their youth. Ironic gig goers…


Christ you have some chip on your shoulder.


never mind farmer, he cant anything that isn’t owl noises and wind chimes


Going to see the legendary Pharaoh Sanders in the NCH tomorrow


Class! Enjoy pal. Caught the man at an ATP fest six or seven years back


Saw Talib Kweli last night, good show. Played in the green room in the academy, a tiny gig considering some of the success he’s had.


I’m heading to Doug Appling (aka Emancipator) at the Button Factory this day week.

I haven’t a clue how that will go and whether there will be many people there.


October 2019


Off to New Order at the Alexandra Palace in London tonight. Meeting people in Finsbury Park first. Any decent pubs round there? Or even near the venue?


Halfway through and it’s epic. A lot of the crowd has rediscovered pills. Great viewings


Just off out to Martin Hayes in St. Lukes.


Make sure to tell him @farmerinthecity loves his early stuff


He has a lovely head of hair
Who’s he fiddling with tonight?


It’s himself and Cooney.


Mike Denver in the woodlands the 25th of Nov. Anyone who wants to loose themselves to Tommy k



who that?


Good night to call in a bomb scare


Martin Hayes and Steve Cooney


A friend of the missus has convinced her (and me) to go to Bon Jovi with her and her husband (a HUGE fan) and I’m actually quite excited by it now, Slippery when wet was the first proper album I ever bought. I’d say I’ll be quite hoarse.