Gigs coming up




Are you saying he didnt?






What is Farmer banging on about then?


Aire, Glas has him rattled about whether or not some lad’s guitar was plugged out before, early to mid, or mid-song at some piss-pot gig a while back.


Hand up, I believe I misnamed the similarly named guitar hero first.


Delete that post quick, FFS.


The forums two pixies experts and they don’t even know the name of their guitarist :joy:


I was in a blind rage at the time.


Were your hands shaking with anger?


Favourite music genre: their early stuff.


Song of the night for me, cracking intro


check your texts


Would love to have seen them in a small indoor small arena in the years they really kicked arse .


Have a Bon Jovi Pre sale code here if anyone wants it.

Pre sale is on now btw


It’s half way there…


Ultimate Roaster lineup, with lads with the boot cut jeans and collars up polo shirts dancing around emitting Guinness farts:

Bon Jovi
George Ezra
Hermitage Green


You’ve never been to an Aslan gig. I did the door for them once, more likely to get a heroin needle coming through the door as opposed to boot cut jeans.


I thought only children listened to him.