Gigs coming up


I’m big enough to stand by my gig choices and not worry what an oul stranger on the Internet thinks of me.

I will have a great time.


Have a few glasses of prosecco, you’re entitled to it.


The Foos coming to Dublin, be great to see the most talented member of Nirvana rocking out.


Great gig. A toxic masculinity free zone.
She leapt into the crowd at one stage.


Cracking gig in the Tivoli last night - The murder capital, Fontaines DC and Shame. All for the princely sum of €16. Won’t be getting value like that again. Place was on wheels.


The Fontaines are a daycent auld band


Stereolab playing primavera


The Frank and Walters. Tonight. Whelan’s. Hope they play this for the season that is in it


You’re a lucky man, is Cillian Murphy around Dublin at the moment?


Was in hospital when they last played in Ireland in 08.
Hopefully they return. Caught them at Primavera before ('06 I think)

Great fucking band


Will be going to this in April.


dEUS doing a 20 year Ideal Crash in May at Academy

Their output has been patchy since but that’s a great record


The show in Sugar Club in August was deadly mate


See you there, decent gig for Dolan’s




I forgot to cc you, mate.


You’ll have to by a pair of baggy jeans now so they can hang down around your knees.




I see Aslan are in the Hiland Saturday night :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Class album. Might consider this, but not sure of the lie of my land then.
There’s a good compilation album out which is kind of a “best of”, single collection, which takes the best of their later stuff. Good listen.
Their albums up to the Ideal Crash are pretty good too. Would be a roaster free zone too. Unless there are some Belgian roasters at it.