Gigs coming up


First two records are great . Have seen them a few times live and they were great both times

If I go, there’ll be at least one roaster there mate


Boot cut jeans will be back in fashion too…


Snow Patrol. Tonight. 3 Arena


Looking forward to Mick Flannery tonight


Unbelievable, what a talent


Heading to The Stunning/The Frank & Walters in Leisurland tonight.


I was never into tne Stunning back in the day but having seen them a few times recently they do a really good set,
The Franks are just amazing :+1:


Anyone ever get balcony standing tickets in Vicar Street for a comedy gig? If so, how were they?


Tommy Tiernan? I was looking at them, I didn’t know there was balcony standing areas at vicar st until I was looking for tickets for him.


Yeah that’s it. I’ve sat in the balcony before but never put much spec on what the standing was like.


The 1975 tonight in 3 Arena. Going to be unreal


A load of kids streaming down through pretend IRA territory in that direction when I was leaving work. I briefly wondered what was on before being sidetracked by something else.


The millennials Radiohead.

I was at their last gig here and the age profile was young. Two drinks at the bar limit etc.

The light show from Belfast opening night last night looks brilliant. Fuck it - it will be a great gig.




Will the SoCoDu kids get their new LP? Every critic seemed to love it once the taste makers gave it the thumbs up. There’s one or two half decent songs on it but sounds like a lot of personal was used making it.


Never listened to them, any good @Fagan_ODowd?


All great music was written on drugs. This is his big heroin song


Exhibit A: Be Here Now


All your dreams are made when you’re chained to the mirror and the razor blade


I was ahead of the curve. Not for the first time.