Giving Blood

anyone donate here? i find i do be shattered the day after.

Did you get an email in your place of work about this?

You can’t give what you don’t have!!

i did not, i got a text message…

We’ve been getting emails over the past week about this. Another one was sent there about an hour ago. They’re not getting my blood.

Flano doesn’t give blood, he takes it

Have given blood about 10 times on D’Olier St, due to go in again. If you’ve been handling monkeys or their bodily fluids within the last six months though don’t bother though. Similarly if you’ve been having unprotected sex with hookers from sub Saharan Africa you might give it a few months.

Gave blood there today for the first time in ages. It’s like a child’s birthday party afterwards, cans of Pepsi, Taytos, Time Outs, etc

It’s the only time I ever eat Time Outs and Tayto but they always taste so much better after it. Was in just before Xmas myself.

It’s the only time I ever experience a nurse holding my hand. You’re right though, Time Outs taste fantastic after a bit of blood letting. I was in altruistic overdrive today as I posted an old phone off to Jack ‘n’ Jill. I ensured no Tom Humphries scenario by deleting all pictures of farmyard animals and underage girls from it before posting.

Yeah I donate alright.

Always feel pleased with myself afterwards

You’re just loopy from blood loss, that’s all.

Signing in. The clinic in Stillorgan had to turn away walk ins this evening as they were so busy. First time I went since 2013 which surprised me. Appointment made for the next one in 3 months. Always feels like a worthwhile exercise.



I’m too much of a retarded dickhead slow thinker to pursue likebait

Usually donate in Talbot in Wexford town. Fills up on 3ltrs of water before going down so not to feel any side effects. It works.

The water before and the glass of Club Orange and pack of Tayto afterwards does the trick. Last time I was there I did the dog on it though. 2 glasses of Club, Tayto, two snack bars and a few biscuits. Always worth a visit

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Biggest regret of my life. Got heppatitis as a young lad. Cant give blood but would love to

You regret getting hepatitis?

Ha… The only thing I seen was a good few biscuits, custard creams and ginger nuts and of course Coke and club orange. Get the option of pencils, key rings or car sticker also.