Giving to Charity

Throw away the key.

€1500 and the Cunt up to her neck in it

What a great little country to rob from.

In fairness to Nolan, for a change, he sounded like he was itching to send her down but the other charges were withdrawn.

Is she up for fraud and theft as well at some stage

Sounds like she isn’t.

There’s a civil case against her by the liquidators but this looks like the extent of the criminal charges

Extraordinary they got away with it for so long.

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Not in this country its not.

Rounded up to a tenner there to give Ronald McDonald 10c. Good deed done for the day


The new machines are the job

I’d stick her in jail till the money was paid back.

Forfeiture is the way to go. If they knew or ought to have known the money was from illegality then the state can seize it

Be interesting to see how destitute she is if the whole lot were put in jail til they paid what they’d stolen.