Giving to Charity

Any of ye Celtic Cubs ever do it? What would be the most deserving ones to give to? I’m thinking in terms of which of them would most of your money go directly to helping the people they are meant to.
Have a one off donation to give…

Its a bad idea,charity starts at home,buy a car or somethin.


Ordered by the court?

In the charity starts at home vein, I give time to my local community, the only money i give would be to Enable Ireland and any of a number of suicide/mental health awareness groups.

And they have to be non-profit.

I have a couple of standing orders going out on a monthly basis but, like Roy Keane, I don’t go on about it.


Bandage, are you comfortable with those charities, i don’t need to know who they are or anything, but i always had a hang up about DD for a charity, and for the life of me i don’t really know why. Maybe i think they are cheating a little, i don’t know.

More of a Smashy and Nicey type character.

Tell me Bandini, I want to give something back. Just the once though. Landed a redundancy payment a while back and promised myself I’d give a bit to charidee. Have to do it quick before I spend it all…

I have a couple of DDs to charities on the go. Mrs Rock worked in a fairly well known Irish charity until recently. Her experience, while far from shocking, wouldn’t really encourage me to give cash to charities. Not so much because of the administrative overheads but because of the politics behind some of it. Unreal what goes on even in the better run charities.

You need to find causes where the money goes directly to the asthmatics or whoever your chosen cause is. Something like Fr McVerry’s organisation in Dublin would do that.

I’d be fairly wary of posting anything that may display a sensitive side.

There could be women looking in

In a previous place of employment - Unicef ran a ‘scheme’ which is the only way you could call it of a trek across Brazil to raise money for charity. They signed up with the company I was with for about 20 people. Each person was to raise a minimum amount of money - cant remember what it was but fuck all. Most people raised enough to pay for their flights, spending money, a donation to Unicef and whatever else. basically Unicef acted as an 18-30 club rep in the name of charity. it was supposed to be great craic out there.

I also refuse to give money to anyone doing shite like the NYC marathon unless they can convince me they are paying for their own flights and what not. Far too often cunts are getting free holidays in name of charity. There were a few Gap year type orgs in the UK caught lately pocketing huge amounts - charity being tax free and all. What salary does John O’Shea from Goal pocket a year FFS?

The majority of charity is a scam imo.

sorry gola, didnae see yer post earlier :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint:

By Ailish O’Hora
Friday July 30 2010
AN Irish charity with operations in earthquake-hit Haiti has defended its decision to pay a former chief executive €120,000 last year.

Hugh Brennan was head-hunted from the Niall Mellon Township Trust and helped set up Haven with founder Leslie Buckley last year.

His salary accounted for one- third of Haven’s payroll in 2009.

But the charity said his salary was justified and he was brought in because of his experience.

“Hugh’s experience and expertise was central to Haven being established,” a spokesperson said yesterday. “He basically set it up with the help of the founder.”

Mr Brennan is no longer chief executive at Haven and is currently heading up emergency operations in Haiti following the devastating earthquake which hit the country earlier this year.

However, he now works as a consultant with the charity and his salary has been reduced, according to Haven’s first annual report published yesterday.

According to the figures, Haven had reserves of €169,209 at the end of last year.

The report also shows that Haven founder Leslie Buckley pumped over €700,000 into the charity in 2009 and has committed €3m to it.

Mr Buckley made an estimated €45m from the sale of his stake in Digicel, the Caribbean mobile phone giant controlled by billionaire businessman Denis O’Brien.

The annual report also shows donations from Mr O’Brien and Mr Buckley through a company called Unigestion.

This firm runs Digicel’s mobile operations in Haiti.

To date, Haven has built 300 houses in Haiti and has also completed upgrades on 500 existing homes.

In 2009, 560 volunteers travelled from Ireland to Haiti which resulted in 150 local people receiving training in construction and a further 40 in agriculture.

Haven’s emergency response in Haiti’s capital Port au Prince has included the installation of 1,300 toilets and 20 community shelters.

Local people have also been employed on ‘cash for work’ schemes.

Commenting on the earthquake, which resulted in the deaths of 230,000 people and 1.3 million being made homeless, Mr Buckley said Haven has redefined its strategy and goals in the wake of the earthquake.

“We started off promising to build 1,000 houses and in the days after the earthquake, I told the president of Haiti it was our ambition to construct 10,000 houses over a four-year period and help devastated families have a place to call home,” he said in the annual report.

  • Ailish O’Hora

Irish Independent

Have posted here before about StVdeP and what they use money for, turn your stomach. Goal are another shower of cunts imo. Charity begins at home for sure, these Niall Mellon cunts really rot my balls. Like KIB Man said, its glorifed 18-30’s holidays as far as I can see.

I was in D2 last night and there was an area reserved for Concern. They were having some sort of party.


I’d have more time for Niall Mellon’s charity than most others. It’s easy enough to give a fiver a month to someone but it’s far more difficult to give a month of your life. You might have a bit of craic if you go out building gaffs in South Africa for a month but what harm? You’re doing something constructive (ah lovely). Charity shouldn’t be designed to make you feel bad.

I’ve also defended the StVdeP on here before. I’ve a bit of time for them. In Fingal we get some economic migrants from north Dublin and the work that the St Vincent de Paul do with them is very good.

So that’s where the money goes. Hm.

Whats wrong with Niall Mellon really though, they actually go and do the fecking work, and they do work hard for their 2 weeks. I had a mate who went and said they really didn’t see anywhere, or do anything other than work.

Farmer, Charity workers are allowed to let their hair down as well ffs. Do you want them to “suffer” for their work?

Not saying i admire the charity, but the vast majority of the on-the-ground people are there for the absolute right reasons.

Runts article is whats wrong with Irish charities.