Giving up Cigarettes and or Caffeine thread

Sick to death of the cancer sticks, any advice?

I’d give them up if I had reached that stage.

I’ve been humming and hawing about it for years, they are a cunt of a habit on the pocket if nothing else pal. The nicotine buzz first thing in the morning will be the worst for me.

Have you tried the electric fag thing? My sister gave up her 20 year 20-a-day habit thanks to one of those things.

I haven’t pal, years ago I gave them up for a month on the nicorette inhaler, for me the electric fag thing seems like swapping one addiction for another I might have to though saying that in the short term, lesser of two evils and all that.

Not to mention the cost. A 20 a day habit knocks you back €70 a week.

For me it’s about 60 euros a week, you never look at it that way though.

Over three grand a year on fags…

The booze is the killer for me. Don’t smoke during the day, have a couple in the evening week nights but Friday and Saturday having a few drinks I ate the fucking things. Its about Willie power suppose @Tassotti ?

That’s a good way to be pal, I’m the type of the cunt that needs to spark up one before I even have contemplate having breakfast in the morning. Bastard of an addiction, I’d say I enjoy about 20% of the fags that I smoke after that then.

A buddy of mine put what he would spend each week on cigarettes into a Jar. It allowed him to see the opportunity cost of smoking. Perhaps, head to the gym/run/cycle etc. Good luck TMF, you have a hard road ahead, but it will be the best decision you ever made.

Sound pal, theirs good lads on this board. I just have to pick the day now and quit them for good, you actually feel like a mug nowadays going out for one so it’s a win win.

A good few people I know have tried the Alan Carr 1 day course. Pricey but seems to work

Ye barely enjoy the things throw away half the fag. We are mugs really. Used to spark up myself 1st thing in the morning rotten. Have you read that Alan Carr book supposed to be good? Might try the auld hypnotism someday

I actually read his book a few years ago - the mother gave it to me. Saying that I might give it another look wasn’t as determined back then.

Sounds like The Tassotti Program could have its first customer

Tried the hypnotism thing a few years ago as well pal, the mrs paid for it - could’nt buy into what your man was saying at all. Talking about clouds and balloons and all this muck, think I smoked a cigarette more less straight afterwards :smiley:


Ah here. Tass emigrated to London from west Clare, he was immediately employed/ targeted as a rent boy. The obvious step for him while being anally gouged on a daily basis for monetary reward was to blot it out with drink and drugs.
By some lucky stroke he got a job as a binman and has now found his feet again and is on here daily giving it big licks about how good his life is and cannot recommend the drink/ drugs free lifestyle to all and sundry.
His base starting point was well low to start with so I’d take anything he has to say with a liberal pinch of salt.