Giving up coffee


Anyone done this before-im giving uo all caffeine products

2 days off it for me- head is pounding

didnt think it would be this tough but Ill soldier on



gave up coffee for 6 weeks a while back, but went to tea…still felt like huge jump, but obviously didnt have as much withdrawl…

chai tea might be a good idea but it still has caffeine albeit a small amount.


I only started drinking coffee a couple of years ago, think I could give it up handy enough.




& ?



uncle tom at his irrelevant worst


Typical of him to be looking down his hoity toity nose at others because they wouldn’t be able to give up coffee as easily as him. Christ he makes me so mad sometimes :shakefist:


I don’t drink tea & I don’t drink Coffee


Do you cover you chin in yorkshire toffee?




best not dwell on it mate-

on a side note its been nearly 3 weeks since he has been on whining about his housemates-he seems to go through one housemate every 2 months at this stage and not once has he sat back and wondered has his constant fault finding and hoity toity nature led to this constant changing of his living situation


I think it is the fact that he is such a bore that it drives these people out of the house. Credit where credit is due to some of his housemates for sticking him for a couple of months. I know I would crack after a couple of days of listening to some pompous farmer with marbles in his mouth telling me banal war stories ay every opportunity


Admirable move TASE, tried it a few times but never lasted more than a few weeks.

You could try decaf in the short term and see how the placebo effect works on the headaches…

You try any of that iced coffee over there yet?


Nah man, the last time I did that I ended up in a disco without my jumper.


a quick analysis oif his numeourus “falling out with my flatmates” posts show that his last 8 flatmates all came from countries that served on the allied side on the eastern front- no doubt they inititally found his stance that they should tell stories of their grandparents war achievements rather than watching tv a bit odd but i guess that when they could clearly see he was being aroused by these stories the atmosphere in the house deterioated


:lol: SS* being found out and ridiculed again here. This time by TASE and general no mark, Chewy Louie.


Good for you TASE, I’m surprised a man of your taste ever took to drinking that shit.

Coffee is a drink for cunts.


5 weeks coffee free, having drank circa 10 cups a day since i started work 8 years ago. the headaches lasted well over a week. have to say i don’t feel any better having given it up and am contemplating drinking it again.


Alright mate ?

Any sign of that fitness blog you promised?

Anyways, green tea is certainly the way to go, add a little honey to suit your palate.

All this SS* knocking is a bit harsh tho mate, I mean did you ever hear about the time he started a thread about a cow on AFR? It was a riot.


I’m the same as you mate. Except for tea. I drink tea.