Giving up coffee


I see no reason to give up my daily mug of coffee. It’s a great drink, particularly when enjoyed with two milk chocolate Hobnobs.


Green tea is great. Wonderfully refreshing.

I agree with Braz. Can think of no good reason to give up coffee.


what made you go back to coffee?

havent tried them but they are popular


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Had no idea I had taken such a pounding on such an innocuous thread, I feel like the French fleet at Mers el Kebir.


Gone cold turkey on coffee since Saturday. Used to have 4/5 cups a day.

The fucking headaches the past 2 mornings have been horrendous.

Did you persist with this futile activity TASE?

If these headaches persist I’ll douse myself in petrol and set myself on fire in front of my hard working colleagues… Or I perhaps I might have a double espresso…


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Go with the petrol.


If I had the pleasure of sitting beside you flano, i’d bring you with me.


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Sitting beside me is no pleasure I can tell you, I’m a complete cunt.


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yeah-well worth doing it- knocked coffee and soda pop on the head- its a horrendous few days though


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i gave it up for 6 weeks KP, found tea helped ease then headahces a little eventually gave that up too…


Cheers, good to know.

Soda Pop… Diabetes in a bottles.

Australia cleans up a mans bad dietary habits no end.

Now that both TASE and The Count have given up coffee successfully what are the obvious differences in your lives?


no craving in the morning, being able to function without that first cup.

not as much money wasted buying coffee during the day.

have more energy and dont suffer caffeine crash anymore.




I had 4 cups of coffeee before 11am this morning, then I jumped off the roof. Coffee is great.


I drink about 10 cups a day. Love the stuff and can’t get enough of it.

Tea is a wankers drink. I gave that up.


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Tea is a wankers drink. [/quote]




Tea is for stupid cunts


This country was built on tea.