Giving up coffee


Caffeine is for cunts of the absolute variety.


Gave up drinking coffee at home but still drink it at work. Went from an average of 7 or 8 mugs a day to roughly 2 or 3. At home I now drink a rousing lemon and ginger poof tea in the morning and a relaxing soothing camomile poof tea of a pleasant evening.

Whilst on the subject of coffee I drank a pint of double voka and red bull infused with a double expresso last Sunday or Monday last week. Could not sleep for 3 days.


Day 4.

7 hours sleep last night. No headache this morning.

Surprisingly alert and agile for 8.30am. Usually I am not able to function till I have my first cup in the morning.

I am beginning to see the light.

I hope Tinnion can draw some similarities here and get some grain of hope in his recovery.


:clap: :clap: :clap:


I am caffine


Inspired by this thread I decided to have a smoothy this morning before leaving the house.

Load of bollix. Just made a cup of coffee now.


The Empire as a whole was built on tea.

It is however, a drink for cunts, with their moaning about too strong or too weak, not enough milk etc etc… fuck off.


No, you fuck off


That right there is my biggest issue with coffee.

“Oh what’s the coffee like there?” “Oh that’s good strong coffee.” “Oh that stuff’s like tar.” “Oh I hate Insomnia coffee.” “Oh I love it. I hate Starbucks.”

Nobody gives a flying fuck. Coffee drinkers should fuck off with themselves and leave me alone.

I exclude Bandage and Cesc4 from the above who both regularly drink frothy coffees in my presence and neither ever comments on it thankfully.




+1 Rocko. I detest Coffee Drinkers.


“Fancy cuppa??”
“I’ll put kettle on”



Tea and coffee are both for wankers.


:clap: :clap: :clap:


I think a lot of people around here should concentrate on giving up talking shite before they start on coffee.


Just had my fourth cup of coffee of the day now. I’m buzzing now, so I am.


You’ll never have the clarity I had at 8.30 this morning.


Fucking coffee junkies.


Calling the Fingal Raven…

I’m back on the caffeine mate, had 2 cups already today and I feel like a worthless scumbag.

Tell me more about this meditation lark, can I better myself?


I don’t believe in addiction. I believe that people can stop doing a thing if they want.