Giving up coffee


Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the star (bucks).


I have no desire to use kids, bucko.


An absolute fucking charlatan. €1 per cup for staff me hole. This is the same lad who charges €12 for mushrooms on toast. Mugging off a load of hipsters I suppose so maybe he’s alright.


They’d want to be magic for that price


The biggest margin I ever saw in legitimate business was popcorn in the cinema. 9000% or thereabouts.


People should drink matcha


Calm down


Steady on. He’s a big Liverpool man like yourself.

Here was his tweet.


the same one @Copper_pipe posted not an hour ago?


Bloody hell. Makes the Belle Epoque look an absolute steal


Oh I missed that.




Its almost like the time yourself and @LetterkennyMan boycotted the 51 when the price of their pint went above 5 euros. Maybe you should show your work colleagues the emails and letters your wrote them at the time?


Very much so. I cited that very example to my colleagues. Our steadfastness resulted in the price increase from €5 to €5.20 for a pint of lager being reduced back to a fiver less than a year later. They need to get organised now.


€1 to the staff per cup?!!!


It’s 3fe, they’re so fucking slow they’d only make a cup every 5 mins


It’s horrible coffee


That 2 pups place on Francis street another ripoff hipster joint.


The only way to protest against this extortion by the cinema chains is to steal pick n mix to claw back some of that 9000%. I don’t even really like pick n mix but stealing them on these gangsters makes me feel a little better.