Giving up coffee


Nonsense. You’ve incorrectly assumed that any non-tupperware lunch is unhealthy. You’re projecting and running with a false premise here. Sure the salad bar in The 51 has nothing but the best, freshly and locally sourced produce. Buying lunch isn’t a waste of money. It’s an important meal for sustenance.


You’re in denial.


Treat yourself to lunch out some day. There’s a time value to these things too.


Well la Di da


It’s some waste of water washing those reusable cups when you could be composting disposable coffee cups and giving back to the environment properly. Think of all the water being wasted.


There are no winners here


And none of the permanently outraged care about the folks been paid tuppence halfpenny a day to pick beans in slave labour conditions at source


Compostable cups are the way of the future. You’ll even be able to just chuck the cup out the window of the car as you pass through Kildare/Ballybane/some grossly littered part of Cork.


They need to make coffee cups out of apples so you can just throw the empty apple out the car to feed the birds.


I regularly do pal.


The cafe beside our office has passed on the VAT increase to customers, but my female colleagues get different concoctions each with an extra shot. There’s holy war in here this morning after the VAT increase was passed on twice - for the regular drink and the extra shot. One bird’s coffee came to €4 there and it was €3.40 before Christmas. There’s talk of mutiny, flasks, chipping together to buy a decent coffee machine in the office, walking to other cafes and so forth.



They’ve passed on the VAT increase and a little more there…


Paying 3 euro for a cup of coffee where the coffee costs 40c max.

And then wasting money on kids when useless cunts like @Horsebox can’t use them.


I saw that Colin Harmon coffee guru, owner of 3FE and other places, on twitter last week justifying passing on the increase. It was something like coffee 40c, cup 20c, lid 10c, staff €1 (per cup of coffee!!!), light & heat 50c, ambience of quality artisan venue 7c.


The price of a cup of coffee is the new price of the pint of a pint.

Takeaway coffee in Ireland is very expensive because mugs are willing to pay the prices asked.


you could do with a coffee.


Them Frank and Honest machines you see in Centra shops cost approx 35k. I’d say you wouldn’t be long making it back


I was focusing on the mugs pun.


I could see that. It was close to being spectacular.