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In all fairness what a fucking stupid thing to do!


Interesting I remember the year he blew up he should have been 10 clear going into Sunday he missed so many putts inside 15 feet.


Aye it’s nuts lads saying he can’t Handle the course. It’s simply putting is the problem but like in 2014 or the back end of 2016 when his putter is hot he’s almost unbeatable.


His wedge play is what has been letting him down in recent times. Allied to that he doesnt have the best scrambling stats. Think he was 45th in greens in regulation in his last tournament. Also at Augusta his stat for par 3s and 4s is nearly 50 over. For par 5s he is 50 under.


That’s his problem & the reason i favoured Spieth at the prices.


I’d have Spieth over McIlroy every day of the week and twice on a Sunday when it matters. Best scrambling stats on PGA tour and putting in top 5 although he seems to be over thinking it a little lately. Not many better with a wedge either. Augusta isnt that long so the course is a great leveller in that regard.


After 3 rounds last week spieth was 87th of 90 for putting strokes gained. His form is absolutely septic the past few months.


I’d pay zero attention to the match play. When mcilroy catches fire with the putter nobody touches him. He normally always goes on streaky runs. Blitzing it for a few weeks. At the Arnold Palmer he definitely got his confidence back. He’ll be almost unbeatable if he turns up with putter in that form.


Bollocks to that, pal. His Final round was exceptional. Spieth loves this course, Rory has been septic around it since 2011.


I don’t know how you can be so confident purely from a betting angle. His form other than Arnold Palmer reads cut, tie 20th, tie 59th, cut, 36. He is 93rd in approaches to the green which isnt great when you are 78th in getting up and down. Remember only 1 player in 20 years has won a masters after carding a double bogey over 72 holes. I am very much a stats and trends person and I dont think he has the game at the moment.


Done Spieth, Casey and De Chambeau all each way.


To me, how can someone get so excited from a betting perspective on a player improving his putting alone? It’s funny when the player is still patchy in his driving accuracy and is still struggling to hit his irons regularly close to Pins from decent fairway positions.


He’s finished 7th, 4th, 10th And 8th in past 4 years. That’s far from septic. He’s tended to come in awful form too unlike this year. Spieth May love it around here but that incident at the 12th in 2016 will probably scar him for a long time.


Because for the last four years rory has never once made at a putt Augusta and still been finishing in the top ten.


10th & 8th finishes in past 2 Years down to Final round low scores, but his opening day Rounds have been the real problem for him. In 2011 he shot a 65 On day 1. Since then he hasn’t bettered a 72 On Day 1.


Spieth is stoical. If memory serves he made. Birdie on the very next hole. You could apply that same logic to McIlroys capitulation a few years previous.


He has made plenty of putts, it’s the bogeys that are killing him. Now, if you think he’s made so many 3 putts on greens please show me the stats.


His 75 last year when in contention on Sunday would say otherwise. Mcilroy has had 4 top tens here in his last 4 starts hardly making a putt. Coming in great form. Spieth has been in septic form all season.


It’s not about three putts. It’s mcilroys inability to make birdie putts from 10 - 15 feet is what really kills him. At point one point last season spieth was better from 20 feet than mcilroy from 12 feet.



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Tony Finau to miss cut 7/4
Hope pride makes him play on