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Explains Rory’s answers last month.

This is the biggest sports story in decades.

LIV knew Rory wouldn’t back down. Only option was to subsume the PGA Tour

That’s actually hillarious, imagine LIV offered you hundreds of millions and you turned it down only for them to end up owning you anyway

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What did he say?

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The Saudis figured out they were buying off the wrong people. They thought it was the players that needed buying, it was the old lads in suits they had to buy. A lot cheaper than the players too I’d wager


I don’t understand why Liv didn’t do this from the start? Surely it made more sense than the shit show they tried.

Rory loses again :rofl:

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There would have been uproar if they came in and tried to buy it outright. It technically isn’t even sellable

I’m not sure. If they offered to double the prize for all pga tour events nobody would have said no.

The men wearing towels always win

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Mickleson and Co must be laughing their holes off