Golf Thread


How did that go for you. Always thought Wicklow massively underestimated as a course. Fee average holes but scenery from top of course is sensational


Not great. The weather was smashing and got a great tan out of it, that was the highpoint.

A balls of a course I thought, complete hardship. Teed off at 10:40 and it was 3:30pm by the time we finished and it isn’t a big course, takes an age to get around and is mainly uphill. Lost a shitload of balls and scratched 6 of the back 9 holes. A number of the holes you cannot see the fairway from the tee or you have three small fairways squashed in intersecting each other.

The scenery was top class especially with the fine day but i didn’t really enjoy it.


The Dell, the fifth


How could a course be mainly uphill?


The trek between each hole seemed to constantly be uphill due to the undulating terraine. For what was a fairly tight course there was an amount of walking between holes


Seems bizarre.


Sounds like @Big_Mick_McCarthy is a big lad who usually goes around in a buggy.


Yeah you need to play it with a local really it’s tough otherwise. Lot of blind shots. Decent test for the money. Don’t think any fairways intersect albeit it is tight


Its not


You must miss all the corporate shit.


In every golf course I’ve been on you start and finish in more or less the same spot, the clubhouse. Therefore there is always as much downhill as uphill. A course couldn’t be mostly uphill unless they were starting and finishing you in different spots.


Indeed. There is a cunt of a drag for three or four holes on the back 9 and I’d say by the time big Mick got up there all he was thinking about was the grub.

Savage clubhouse there too.


Miss it? Never had as much time for it


Played 18 holes out in Deer Park in Howth this evening. Much more my kind of course. Plenty of long open fairways and an enjoyable track. A grand evening for it too.

Only disappointment is that the views from the pitch and putt course are far better than that on the golf course. Little or nothing of note to see until the last few holes.


If you like golf and happy to play during normal working hours you would get a good deal in some good courses. Druids Glen would often have a bargain and it’s a very enjoyable place to play for the average golfer. Its fairly open with big greens. I used to play there a fair bit a few years back for 35 or 40 quid.

Up on Northside Corballis is a public course but it’s a great little spot with unbelievable scenery. Has 3 or 4 shit holes but rest are decent. Tough enough though. Could probably play it for 15 quid or so if you were flexible with times.

Malahide is a good course too. Only ever played with members though so don’t know how pricey it is


Played Druids Glen a couple of weeks ago. Beautiful course. Greens run smooth. 12th par 3 is beautiful with the celtic cross and nice par 4 dog leg 13th that follows. Played it for €50 and thought it was money well spent. I wouldn’t be a great golfer but still managed 7 pars and didn’t walk off the course frustrated. Tried Mount Wolesley in Carlow last week and found it tough. Rough was very hard to get out of, There was water in play on 11 out of 18 holes and fairway bunkers were many. Wouldn’t be rushing back.


Yeah it’s far more playable than some lesser courses. I’m sure it’s very hard off back tees alright but off the others it’s enjoyable and most people should be able to play to their handicap there. The 13th is a monster of a hole. Worthy index 1


Don’t ever take one of the packages with the Heath, whoever called it a cabbage field wasn’t understating it.


Which course did you play?


It’s been a while but I don’t remember the pitch and putt having long open fairways so I’d say the golf course.